Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It was cold again today, but being the wonder woman that I am, I put on my under armour and took the challenge. Yesterday we had a hail storm and there was a lot of evidence of it all over the grass. It was only 31 degrees when I set out. The wind was blowing like crazy, but it was nothing like Saturday's icy wind. By the time the sun came out, I was actually hot! I had to take off my gloves, which I never do unless it's above 40. Not sure why it felt warmer today even though the temperature says it was real cold. Maybe the sun beating down hard on my sore and weary body had something to do with it. Just body has actually fully recovered. Partly due to the fact I gave it a rest on Sunday and only walked yesterday. I also took a day off my strength training class yesterday. I only went about 4 miles today because there was construction everywhere I turned. It was an easy run on the lungs...thankfully. The only thing I could really feel today were my shins. They usually don't bother me anymore. I couldn't resist the beautiful sunny day and so I stopped and just took some "me" time at a baseball field. It felt so great! It was so peaceful to hear the birds and just feel spring in the air. I saw so many beautiful spring flowers popping out all over too. I really, really, really think spring is going to come eventually! The flowers already know it is, now if someone would just send a memo to the thermostat! Total Distance: 4.50 miles


Jen said...

You're a brave girl! I kept wanting to go for a walk yesterday, but then it would start raining or hailing so I bagged it!