Friday, April 4, 2008

Is the anticpation of spring like running?

I went to my Body Sculpt class this morning and since Holly is off on a cruise (lucky girl!), April was filling in for her. It's always different with a new instructor and today was no exception. We got a little overkill on the quads! Oh man...I didn't think she was ever going to let us stop! We tried to communucate, "ENOUGH ALREADY!" since our legs were turning into rubber fast, but she kept adding MORE! Ugh! However, I DID survive and my legs will thank me later. Much later! I decided to just mostly power talk today because I am anticipating my long run tomorrow is going to take all I have. I thought I should try and conserve some energy for that! I am worried my quads and hamstrings (and probably even the glutes) are going to be screaming in the morning due to the gym torture this morning. I am going to do a lot of stretching today to see if that will help prevent it. YOWSA! I can already feel it setting in!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day today! The temperature was still real chilly at 32 degrees, but the SUN was shining brightly and there wasn't one single cloud in the sky. I walked about three miles and then wanted to just soak in some of those rays I have been longing for for so long. I sat down on a bench and just raised my face towards the sun and enjoyed every moment of that warmth just penetrating through my skin. It not only warmed my body, but my soul! How I have missed the sun! While I was running back (the small distance that I actually did run today), the thought popped into my head that long winters and our great anticipation of spring is in many ways similiar to running. We start out and are all excited about it (kind of like the first snowfall) and then somewhere in the middle we get kind of used to it, and then by the end it just keeps dragging on and on and we can't wait until it's over! The end just doesn't seem to come soon enough. We have to keep going and enduring it and finally we see the finish line and HOPE finally flows through our veins! There is an end afterall! And it is so close! That is how I felt today. There really is an end to winter and spring is so close! And then once spring settles in, as we look back, we decide that winter wasn't so bad afterall. And we even begin to look forward to it after we have recovered from it a bit...just like running a race. And in many ways like having a baby! When we focus on the rewards at the end, it helps make those long, hard, and painful spots easier to endure. Spring has never been more welcome! Total distance: 4.50 W-R


Jen said...

April was that bad huh? Glad I wasn't there! And I really liked your analogy. Very true! I love the sun!

Karen said...

I love your inspiration!!! My goal this month is to turn my walk into a jog by the end of the month. Peach days doesn’t seem far enough away to commit!! I would love to do that if my body would corporate. I will keep working on it and keep reading your blog for inspiration!!!