Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hang on for your life!

What a blustery day again! Okay so it wasn't as bad as the photo, but almost! I went running with Jen today for our long run since tomorrow we both have things early. We started out and it wasn't too bad, but the winds really kicked it up and it got pretty intense! It felt like we were barely moving at certain spots. It was a real icy wind too, which was not fun since neither of us took our gloves or earmuffs or hats. We didn't think we would need them when we left. It was about 48 degrees, but with the wind chill I am sure it was much colder! We ran about 8 miles. Jen is supposed to be recovering from the marathon she ran on Saturday, but you would never know it! She is doing so well! We did walk off and on, but that was fine with me. It is always so much better to go with a partner on the longer runs. It helps make the time go by so much faster. Someday I am sure spring is going to decide to appear. Probably while I am in Hawaii and I will miss it! Total distance: 8 miles


Jen said...

Thanks for going with me even though I was a little slower than my normal slow and we had to walk more than normal. I can't believe the wind! You better run some fun runs in the tropics for me!

Michael said...

Sounds like a good run. I know what you man about the wind. It's no fun especially if it brings on wind chill. Cheers Jodi, keep up the good blogging. M