Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is it really Spring?

Once again, the temperature almost kept me from training today. It was only 25 degrees and windy! I am so ready for spring! The REAL thing...not all this nasty teasing! I waited until it warmed up to 35 degrees and headed out. It was really nice when the wind wasn't blowing. I even had to shed my jacket. I started on the mountain even though my glutes and quads were still punishing me for Saturday's run. I thought maybe the hills would loosen things up a bit and they did. Once I got going, I didn't even feel the soreness much. I headed on my cemetery route today. It's not my favorite one simply because it is so much uphill. The first mile or two, I wanted to stop and walk, but I just kept telling myself once I get through the first hard ones, then it will be easy. Thankfully I listened to myself because I was right. Once that second mile was under my belt, I was able to run almost effortlessly. Notice the ALMOST. One day I hope I can delete that word totally! The only time I stopped was at Tyson's grave. I was rushed out of there pretty fast though because a large group of cars came for a burial right by where I was. I walked for about 1/4 of a mile and then started running again. The rest of the way home wasn't as much uphill, but still enough for me feel it. I was very surprised that I didn't struggle more today. I think giving myself two days to recover was a good idea. Total Distance: 5.50 miles


Jen said...

You're so good! I don't think I could do it in the cold. And you did all that uphill...You're so good! Too many times I wimp out! I'm glad your body is doing better. It stinks to be sore!