Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A "Hare"-y run

Today it was 52 degrees when I went out! Oh yes! I was excited. It didn't feel all that warm to me though. I had on my Capri running pants and was a little chilly. But it still beat having to wear the gloves and ear muffs for a change! Loved it! I felt great today and it was one of those real good runs where I didn't feel like I had to stop and rest. I love it when that happens! If only it were everyday! I ended up down by the farm where I like to visit the horses and today I got a huge treat. The bunnies were out everywhere! I saw at least 10 or more. They get spooked real easy and so I just started walking and then taking very slow steps so I didn't scare them all away. I was able to watch some of them for a bit and then one by one they took off. I walked up the hill and saw a very tiny baby gray bunny. Oh, sooooo cute! He was out of the fenced in area and near the dirt road. When I approached him, he also took off into hiding. But, there was one large one that was just hanging around. I offered him some grass and he wasn't afraid of me! In fact, he came right up to me and let me pet him for a second. He was a beautiful floppy earred, calico looking one. I loved it! I have a thing for bunnies and he was really cute. The only bad thing was, I had stopped running! Not good I know! I couldn't help it though when I saw all those rabbits. They are just so fun to watch. And, that was the only time I stopped the entire time, so I tried to justify it! Who could resist a cute little bunny anyway? Not me! I thought that I should have done some intervals since I was feeling so good, but I didn't remember until the last mile. I did pump it up some that last mile. Still trying to figure out what makes one run better than the other. I didn't eat all that great yesterday because I was gone all day, and so I am just not sure. So, I will keep trying to figure it out. I almost forgot to mention that I had a serious allergy attack while running today. I was sneezing non stop for a long time! And of course I had forgot to take kleenex today. There was some TP sitting in someone's yard in a bush, obviously from a TP job, that I was half tempted to snag and use, but, my jacket sleeve worked just as well! You gotta do what ya gotta do. I also did my strength training class at the gym this morning for one hour. Total Distance: 5.76 miles


Jen said...

That sounds like such a good run minus the sneezing! The weather sounds perfect. I would have loved to have seen those bunnies. Maybe on Saturday.

Doran & Jody said...

As for me......I would have used the TP. Why? Because when our house (because of my brother) got TP'd when we were growing up, my mother used to make us gather it up and USE it. So outside TP does not scare me.