Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Has Anyone Seen This?

I am losin' it! I had a busy day and so I didn't get in my run this morning. So this afternoon, I was already to go out and my friend Julie called to see if I wanted to go on a walk with her. I told her I really needed to run, but wanted the company, and so she said she would do her best to run. I don't do my best running in the afternoon anyway, and so I thought it would work out great. We took off and ran for about a mile and a half and then walked up the hill. We were chatting away and she mentioned her son's grades and it suddenly HIT ME that I was supposed to be at parent teacher conferences...right then! Aaaaaa!!! How did I forget? I remembered on my way from home helping with my cousin's funeral preparations and even when I pulled into town. But then it left me! And it wasn't the only thing that left me today. I rushed home to pick up my 11 year old from school, only to get there and realize I didn't have to pick him up today because he rides with another carpool to go to a group class he is in. I totally forgot! I seem to be doing this all the time lately! I chalk it up to stress...NOT old age! ☺ Anyway, when it hit me, we had only gone maybe 2 or 3 miles! I tried to figure out how I was going to get home in time and still be able to get to the conference. Luckily I was near my in-laws house. We walked to their house and got a ride home so I could get ready and head over to the school. As soon as I walked in the son whose conference I was supposed to be at, informed me that he was now going at seven p.m. with my husband. No one told me this though. Why??? Well, because I had lost my cell phone today too! Aaaaaa!!! So much for a great work-out today! Total Distance: 2 1/2 miles (mostly walking)


Jen said...

Too funny! You really do have a lot going on right now! Just week...relaxing on the beach, ocean waves, and flowers and weather like nothing we see here!