Saturday, April 12, 2008

10 miles!

...for me!!! I survived 10 MILES today! It's always so exciting when I reach a new "first"! Last year at this time if you had told me I would be able to run 10 miles, I would have laughed in your face! It is a great feeling of accomplishment each time I am able to go farther. Today was even sweeter because our time wasn't too shabby. 1 hour and 42 minutes. I know it's not a great race time, but not too bad for an easy run. We did a negative split today. Our time was 54 minutes for the first half and 48 minutes for the second. Before I picked up Jen, I went and hid some water on our route about the halfway mark. It was 44 degrees when we started, but before the second mile we had both shed our jackets. It was a beautiful sunny day...that's ALSO a first! It is usually raining or snowing or blowing...or a mixture of all three! Today was great. I was really unsure I would be able to get through it because yesterday I wasn't feeling all that great. This week of training was nothing to write home about either. Last night I was thinking of bagging it altogether. Good thing Jen is there to keep me motivated. It definitely wasn't one of those days where my body really wanted to run. So today's achievement was that much more savory. My lungs did okay, and I only felt like I really had to stop a couple of times, but was very grateful when Jen needed to stop for water. We did however have to stop for one potty break today...mine! Today my right knee was bothering me some and I got a pretty decent side ache about half way through. I also was feeling it in my shins today. I should've done some shin splint stretches before I left. But by mile 9, I was REALLY feeling it in my glutes! Oh baby! I took a Celebrex as soon as I got back with great hopes that will ease some of the soreness. When we were finished I felt great knowing I ran 10, but some of the excitement was subdued somewhat because my entire body was also attesting that I did. I hurt pretty much everywhere! I was actually half tempted to try out one of those ice baths Jen does when she gets back. But, I decided I wasn't that desperate! I ate a light breakfast before heading out today and I think that gave me extra stamina. Total Distance: 10 miles!!! Total time: 102 minutes


Jen said...

GOOD JOB!!! You survived! I hope that Celebrex kicks in and your body recovers fast! I am so impressed with the way you constantly challenge yourself. One of your best traits! Hope the weather keeps up! It was great today!

Michael said...

Way to go Jodi. I know what you mean about having a running buddy; it makes a huge difference to have a someone along to enjoy the run. You also mentioned you needed a two hour snooze following the run. This is good... it's your body's way of recovering. Congrats on the new milestone. You have been forever changed! M

The Hoyt's said...

Wow you guys are awesome... I am so envious. I wish it was me.. that is so great. I hope you are recovering ok.. Maybe someday i will be there if i can get my knee to cooperate..

way to go girl!!!!

The Hoyt's said...

Hey Jodi,
How did you get your Running log to look like that? What fromat did you use? I tried puttin mine in but it scattered it all over.

The Hoyt's said...

Sorry its me again. did you add you log to the html section of it? I tried putting mine in like yours with the dashes but it ran it all together and didnt put the returns in there. I will still play with it..