Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yippee!!! I did NINE miles!

Wow I am excited! I ran nine miles today!!! It was actually 8.72 according to Google Earth, but close enough for me! The best thing is, I could have gone farther. It was a great run. I can't always say that, especially THIS week, and so that makes it all the more rewarding. In some ways I feel silly for getting so excited over nine miles when I know so many runners who think that is just a drop in the bucket, but for me it is HUGE! Considering I haven't even been running a year yet, and the fact that it is not something I ever had a desire to do, and how hard it was for me at first, I am feeling pretty PUMPED! Woo-hoo....go me! However when I do the math and realize I still have to add 4.2 or so miles onto that distance to even cross the finish line, it brings me back down to earth. But today I know I can do it. Days like this are why I love running! (Did I really say that?)

The weather conditions weren't exactly optimal for a long run...or even for a short one! I went with Jen my Saturday running partner who makes it possible for me to actually survive these long runs! We left about 9:15 a.m. and it was snowing when we left. It wasn't too bad, but before we had even gone a mile, it started pelting our faces with hard ice balls...not exactly hail (although it did that eventually too) but smaller and more painful when they hit your face. It was only bad when we were running head on into it. It rained a bit and the wind blew and it was pretty much a meteorologist's dream out there today. The temperature was about 32 degrees. We ran past several soccer games and got the looks like we were insane to be out there in this. However we were only told twice, although I was thinking it myself. I was just grateful I was moving and not having to sit there freezing to death watching a soccer game! (Thanks McKay for not wanting to play this year!)

I did struggle as I always do with my lungs and legs at the beginning of the run, but it went away and I really started to feel in the groove towards the end. Jen and I parted when we were on about mile 7 1/2 since she had to go 16 today. Can I just say how sorry I felt for her! Poor girl! AMAZING GIRL! After I took off, I almost went back and found her because I was feeling so good and knew I could go the full ten she would do before she looped back by my house, instead of just the eight. But then I decided I didn't want to over-stress my body and to just do the eight. When I checked the route on Google Earth it ended up being almost nine.

I wish I knew what the difference was between one run and another as far as how I feel. That's what this blog is hopefully going to help me discover. I don't normally eat before I run because that usually makes it harder for me, but today since I knew it was going to be a long run, I had a half piece of wheat bread and a half a yogurt smoothie...and even though I shouldn't admit to this, I also had a half a brownie! BAD GIRL I know, but mmm....sooo good! I immediately ate oatmeal with 2% milk when I returned (and NO brownie!) GOOD GIRL! I know I should have eaten more protein but I just didn't want any. I think my nutrition is where I need to focus this week. I do think it makes a huge difference in my energy and stamina. Now, off to find the rest of that brownie!!! Total distance: 8.72 miles!!!
Where I run...
Where I wish I ran...


Jen said...

You're awesome!!! I am so proud of you and now I even have in your own words that you love running! Thanks for being my running buddy! It went by so fast today!

Jodi said...

Well, let's just say at least TODAY I love running!!! Tomorrow IS another day! lol It did go by fast for me too! I think it must be the partner running thing. It's so much better to go with you then alone! Thanks for dragging me along! It really was FUN!