Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If I could talk to the animals...

I really was planning on getting out early this morning for my run. But it was pretty chilly and I had enough to do to pass the time while it warmed up, sooooo I didn't leave until 11:47! BUT, it was a nice balmy 51 degrees. I actually don't believe it because it felt more like 30! The wind was blowing and that made it a little chilly. When I started out I didn't think it was going to be a good run. The first half mile my lungs felt like I was running through a thick cloud and the knees were not real happy with me for making them do that running thing either. But I kept going and eventually I started to feel much better. My only mistake was stopping to talk to the horses. I took about a 10 minute break with them...and with a couple bunnies and ducks. There is a farm I like to run by once in a while, and today all the animals were very friendly. Animals do something to me. They just have a way of cheering me up and lifting my soul. I love all animals...well except for SNAKES! If I ever see one of them on a run, I will break a new record of speed, not to mention sound! When I started to run again - after playing Dr. Doolittle - I did not do so well. I wanted to stop with each and every step. It was a struggle. Every step felt like I was running through molasses. I kept pushing it, and eventually I was feeling strong again. I am sure stopping for that long, is not part of a good training plan. At least physically. But the mental benefits of the animals have to count for something! Having my IPOD battery die right as I walked out my front door didn't help things either! I am so used to the music helping me through the hard spots, that it was an adjustment without it today. I finished the run feeling good with the exception of my shoulder injury really causing some pain. Oh, I also saw a cute black and white bunny by one of the elementary schools I run by. He was so cute, but very shy. Total distance: 5.01 miles


Jen said...

I'm totally jealous that you got to run yesterday in that gorgeous weather! I wish there were more days like that! I can't wait to see all the baby animals that will be coming soon!