Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tried to worm my way out of it....

This morning when I got up to go running it was only 38 degrees. I thought that sounded cold and then I realized what a wimp I am becoming. 38 used to be a heat wave! I bucked up and went out. We are leaving to go out of town this weekend and so I don't know what will happen to my training while gone. Especially since we are heading north! Crazy I know! Who heads for colder temperatures during spring break? Yesterday was beautiful and almost 60 degrees but my schedule was too crazy to squeeze in a run. That would have been a great day to run.

I left this morning about 7:45 or so. The streets were wet and it was really overcast because it had rained all night. When I got down at the end of my street it sounded like a flippin' concert. Only it wasn't coming from some one's stereo. It was the birds! I had never heard so many birds, so loud, singing all at the same time as if they were competing for some American Idol trophy. It wasn't exactly a pleasant sound, but more like a cacophony of off key musicians. But it did remind me just the fact I was hearing birds meant spring is here! Well, at least on it's way! A few steps down the road I realized why they were so noisy. The street was covered with night crawlers! At first I just thought they were just twigs and sticks until I almost stepped on a great big HUGE juicy one! Ugh! I started running in a zig zag pattern to miss them all. I gave up on that after a while because I am sure I looked totally ridiculous and besides there were just too many of them. I did however avoid those big juicy ones no matter how silly I looked! Yuck! It was overcast and really humid, but I did okay. I decided to take my route past the farm and see the animals again. About a half block before I got there, I saw a large duck walking in some people's yard, just quaking away. Maybe he was on a night crawler hunt too. I honestly think he was lost. SO being the good samaritan that I am, I quacked back and told him to follow me. He DID! He was just quacking all the way to the farm. Does this mean I am a duck whisperer too? I got him back to his family and he was most grateful...I could tell because he hung around me for a bit while I watched the bunnies. After I left the farm I decided to speed walk because of how hard my recovery was yesterday after taking a break. I really enjoyed the speed walk. I think my body was made to do that instead of run! I was cruisin' and it felt really good. I could tell I was working totally different muscles. I did that for about a mile or a mile and a half and then went back to running. It was a great run. I feel good and no pain really. When I got back it started to really hail! Whew! Glad I missed that! I really do need to start taking my camera on these runs. I could have so many great shots! Total distance: 5 miles


Jen said...

Too funny! I would have loved to have taken a picture of you with that big old duck following you like the pied piper! And the worms! Gross!

Jodi said...

Oh that duck was a hoot. I actually have internet service right now! No time to write a post, but had to check my blog! Glad someone reads this!!! Thanks!