Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rain - Rain - Go Away!

Rain, rain, go away! I got up early this morning to run with Jen. I wasn't even planning to make it out this morning because we had to be to a family event pretty early. BUT...Jen really didn't want to run alone and so I suggested we go early and she was game. When my alarm went off, it was raining. It didn't really look too bad and so I took off and picked her up. She had scouted out a new route and I didn't really notice it was nearly all uphill until she informed me. I would have been happier not knowing. In our city, it's almost impossible to run without a lot of uphill. A lot of the route seemed pretty even, but even that slight incline when running, takes its toll. The rain was pelting pretty hard in our faces and it started to turn to ice rain. Stings the nose and bites the toes was going through my mind...but we persisted. We were dripping and it wasn't just sweat. I did okay. The only part I really struggled with was the big hill (there was NO doubt that was UP) and when we were almost towards the end. I thought we were almost done, but we had to go around the park one more time to make it an even 6 and 1/2 miles, and that's when my body was saying ENOUGH already! But, I survived and even felt great after. Jen went on to do the route one more time so she could get in her 13 mile long run for the day. Poor girl! That's why I am training for a HALF marathon and she is training for the whole thing. I was just proud of myself for enduring the 6 and 1/2 miles! We passed a trio of friends that are training for the Grand Slam, but there wasn't too many other crazies out besides that. I felt good the rest of the day with the exception of a pretty sore derriere! I think next time we need to wear one of those dorky umbrella hats! Total distance: 6.70 miles


Jen said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT YOU DIDN'T NOTICE THAT WE WERE GOING UPHILL!!! I WAS DYING THE WHOLE WAY!!! Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative next time! Thanks again for going!

Jodi said...

Oh I noticed something! Just NOT that! I thought I was just going to need some CPR because I was near death!!! Can't wait for this Sat!