Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This morning I set out around 8:15 a.m. in the rain. It was 48 degrees and I was so happy to be back in the warmer temperatures that the rain didn't even phase me. I was just so excited it was above 30 degrees! It was mostly just sprinkling anyway. The run didn't begin as an enjoyable event. It was pure torture at first and I wanted to quit with every step! My lungs felt so heavy and my legs felt like they were barely coming off pavement. I was hoping being back at my normal altitude would make it easy, but nope! I pushed it and was determined that I was not going to slow down and walk. My shoe came untied and I had to stop to tie it (oh I was so grateful for that little gift!) but once I stopped, it became a matter of mental anguish to start up again. But start up again I did. After about another mile, I was feeling a little bit more in the groove and not in such a fight with myself wanting to quit. It started to rain a little harder and so I just cranked up my music and enjoyed being able to be outside without freezing to death. I ran to the cemetery to say hi to Tyson and I did stop and take a break while there. I found a letter that was left on his grave from one of his friends and so I took the time to read what she had so thoughtfully wrote. I probably should have left that for AFTER my run because it was a little hard to feel much like running after that emotional hit. Luckily there were several ground workers nearby and since I didn't really want to hang around with an audience, that motivated me to get moving on. I walked about a half a mile before I actually picked up the pace again. It stopped raining and I started running. When I was about a half mile from my home, I stopped at my sister-in-laws for what I planned on being a quick stop but I lingered longer than I should have because once I hit the road again, my muscles were NOT cooperating. They informed me they were done for the day and to not push them. But I didn't listen and ran the rest of the way home...not smart! Total distance: 5:66 miles


Karen said...

I am sooooo in awe of you and your commitment to running!!!! Last year I found a lump in my breast; it turned out to be negative!! Needless to say it was a scary experience and through and it gave me the jump start I needed to regain my health. The recommendation of my doctor was that I needed to loose 30lbs and exercise. I have been walking for years with my walking group but felt that if I was going to meet the weight loss goal I needed to step up the walk to a jog. In the middle of it all I tore a disk in my back and it has been a slow recovery process. I am now hitting it again and I wanted you to know how inspiring your running blog has been for me. To read you’re about your good days and your not so good days really help because I can relate so well, I have plenty days that I have to mentally push myself!! I have started another blog to record my progress I’ll let you know when I get it up and going! KEEP IT UP you are one of the great women in my life I look up to!!

Jen said...

You're so dedicated to run in all this crazy weather. I am such a wimp when it comes to run in less than perfect weather. You're amazing!