Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cross Training Mountain Style...

I didn't make it to the gym this morning for my weights class. I was up past midnight last night and my body just didn't think it sounded like fun to get up at 5:30 a.m. So I decided to do cross training on the mountain. It is very convenient that it is almost right out my front door. The temp was 48 degrees and it was overcast when I left. I could feel the muscles in my calves and quads as I hiked up the steep incline. Once I got on the first bench it was pretty even and so I started to jog. It was hard to keep my footing because of all the rocks. I was hoping it was smoother on the second bench and it was. I was able to run much better up there. I heard - but didn't see- a lot of wildlife. I am assuming it was mostly deer. Mainly because of the inordinate amount of droppings I saw on the trail! I could hear them in the trees and by the time I got to where the noise was, they had vanished. I kept running until I got to the waterfall. I crossed the little stream on the rock path some one had made years ago. When I got to the other side, I stopped and sat and meditated for a bit. What a view of the city from up there. It was so peaceful up there all alone. I only saw one other runner and a guy on a motorcycle. I love going up there, but I know I am limited as to how frequently I can because of the seasons. I refuse to go up there alone in the summer because of the rattlesnakes. I fear if I saw one that I would have a heart attack and die on the spot. I am not worried about dying from the bite, just from my fear! I am taking advantage of the cool temperatures right now, hoping they are still hibernating. It was a great day, but not much of a workout. I am planning on a really good run tomorrow. Total distance:


Jen said...

Sounds like such a nice run! Our mountains really are beautiful! I haven't even been up there this year yet. I bet the waterfall was gorgeous!