Monday, March 24, 2008

MOOSE TRACKS...and I don't mean the Ice Cream!

We went out of town for spring break and so my training really suffered! Mainly because we headed to Wyoming to my in-laws cabin which is in Alpine (about 40 miles from Jackson Hole). The temperature wasn't exactly warm and balmy! BUT I still managed to get out and run twice. I ran on Friday morning and it wasn't too bad. I am not used to running in the mountains and the altitude change did make a difference. It was much harder! I wanted to run up the Grey's River road because it is so beautiful and only about a 1/2 mile from the cabin. I started out about 8:30 a.m. I only had pavement for about a half mile and then was running on a snow packed dirt road. It wasn't too bad at first because I was on the snowmobile tracks, but it was very un-even and it wasn't all packed equally. I was afraid I was going to twist an ankle. I decided to walk for a bit and then finish on the paved road. Three groups of snowmobilers passed me and another runner with his dog. The temperature was 32 degrees and really nice until I started back. The wind began to really blow and I could feel the wind chill cutting through my gloves and head band. It was cold! I felt like I had frost bite on my finger tips when I got back inside. Brrrr....... I think I only ran a total of 3 miles.

Today I left at 7:45 a.m. with the temperature at 28 degrees. The wind wasn't blowing

at all and so I wasn't too concerned. For some reason 28 degrees up here feels much colder than 28 degrees at home. I wanted to try the Grey's River road again in case the snow pack was better. It was. I was glad because it is so beautiful up that road. I was all alone today. I didn't see a single person or snowmobiler. It was a peaceful, quiet, beautiful morning. The sun hadn't come out yet, but it was still light, though very overcast. As I first started up the road I noticed some tracks off to the side. At first I thought they were dog tracks, but upon further inspection I could tell they were not. I was a little uneasy because they had a big pad and then what appeared to be several claws. It IS bear country, but since I knew they were in hibernation, I was wondering if they were from a mountain lion. I had seen a mountain lion on that very road a couple of years ago while snowmobiling, so I knew it was a possibility. They weren't fresh
and so I didn't worry too much. I kept running and was grateful it was easier than Friday due to the sturdier snow pack. It had iced up some and made it much easier to get my footing. On my way back I noticed some more tracks...moose tracks. I know what those look like and I was positive that was what they were. Not a big deal really since there are a lot of moose up here, just a little un-nerving because they were fresh! And they were NOT there on my up. All I could think of was what a stupid thing to go running ALONE in the WILD in the early morning, with not another soul around within earshot! I am sure that moose was very close nearby. He was probably watching me and thinking what an idiot I was too! After spotting those, tracks, I ran MUCH faster than I thought possible in those conditions and was so relieved when I could see the paved road and cabins! I am so grateful I didn't run into him! Once I got onto pavement I continued my run through the roads that weren't snow packed. The longer I ran, the easier it became to adjust to the altitude. But my fingers were bitter cold and nearly numb. I should have worn better gloves. Total distance about 4.5 miles.


Jen said...

You're so good to go out in the freezing cold! I am much more of a wimp and don't think I'd dare venture out! Moose tracks! Bet you'll be glad to get back to the ducks and bunnies and other such wildlife you get to see back home! Although you really have to watch out for those killer bunnies like in Monty Python!

Jodi said...

Good laughs! I DO prefer the bunnies, ducks, and horses! At least THEY aren't as threatning! I don't know about the Monty Python bunnies - guess I will have to watch that! lol