Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marathon Madness

I survived the half marathon!!! It was a great experience, even though it didn't turn out exactly as planned. I won't go into all the details here, since I already posted it on my other blog. For that and more photos, click HERE. For Jen's story, go HERE.

I learned a lot from the training and the actual run of this marathon. The most important thing I think I learned was that it isn't about the race, or the time, or the competition. I know that's what most runners are there for. But for me it was about the journey to get there. I never thought in all my years that I would ever be writing about ME running a half marathon. Just that one little thing has taught me so much. Mainly that there is nothing in this life that we can NOT do if we desire to do it. There is nothing too far, too distant, too great, too hard, too impossible to do IF we are willing to sacrifice what it takes to get it. Running is not always a pleasurable sport. In fact it is MOST often just the opposite. It is filled with many days that are hard and painful and discouraging. Just the fact that I have been able to force myself to go outside when it is bitter cold in order to keep training is huge for me. I am the kind of person that hates, hates, hates to be cold. But just doing that has made me feel stronger inside since I avoid being cold at all costs! But if there is a reason that is bigger than the discomfort, I've discovered I can do it. Running has also taught me that even though some things come slowly and only with persistence, they will still come if we are willing to pay the price. Nothing in this sport comes easy, at least for me. It takes a great deal of stamina, hard work, and even courage at times. I have always admired people that run and even though I never thought I would be one of them, I have found a great deal of satisfaction in accomplishing the goals I have set. My oldest son told me that you aren't a REAL runner until you have run a full marathon. Guess I'm not a real one then....yet. Maybe someday I will be. I can only hope! Here's a great quote: "You have to wonder at times what you're doing out there. Over the years, I've given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement." -Steve Prefontaine I think that pretty much says it all.

A few shots of the day.... (I know most of these are on my other blog, but I was having fun experimenting with the different slide shows!)


Jen said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH! And that's about all I have to say!

The Hoyt's said...

Sounds like a great ride!!! I awnsered some of your posts in my comments. I wasnt sure if that is how you are supposed to do it or go to that persons comment page to awnser back. Anyways, thanks for all the support and compliments. If it wasnt for you and jen inspiring me and getting me excited about doing this and actually finding out that I can run and enjoy doing it I wouldnt be... So thank you!! The 5k is in a town called plainsborro which is like 3 miles from me. It actually starts at where allie goes to school.. Im kinda nervous and have no idea what im doing... i have gotten wind that there is a marathon in august somewhere here so I think i am going to do a half... i'm so excited..

Jodi said...

Raigon, I am so excited you can run and that your knee is letting you! The half will be great. A piece of cake for you though! I'll check your comments for your comments lol!

Jamie said...

Congratulations! My husband did his first half marathon last year and is in training for his first full in November. I know that for him getting up early just about every morning is hard, but I'm really impressed with the dedication the runners I know have. And to answer your question about the cherry template on my blog- She has some really cute stuff!

Bryony said...

Good for people to know.