Sunday, November 29, 2009

Running With the Ho-Ho's

There is a race called the SANTA RUN that I heard about last year and really wanted to do with my friends, but we heard about it too late and couldn't get registered on time. Sooo...we all planned on doing it for sure this year! Not everyone could do it, but three of us did and we had a BLAST!!!


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Me with my friends and fellow running Santa's ---Heather and Jen.

Here we are hanging with the other 297 Santas listening to instructions before the start of the race. The race was held at 4:30 p.m. right before the Holiday Light Parade.

We dressed alike and even though there were tons of others dressed just as unique, we got a lot of compliments and stares (and people taking our picture). Must have been that we were all three alike! Or possibly the socks or suspenders??? No, it had to be the cute shorts Jen made us!

They had us do SANTA WARM-UPS before the start of the race.

We did "Hat, Beard, Belly, and Boots" (a version of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes) and then some calisthenics while we counted with HO-HO's. VERY FUN!

On our marks... get set...

GO!!!!! We are just to the right of the yellow stroller. The first green light is above Jen's head. Look for the socks! lol (click to enlarge)

We are seriously having TOO MUCH FUN! Okay, not seriously...we took nothing serious about this race at all!

The 5K route (3.1 miles) went down four blocks and then turned back the other way and repeated three times along the Holiday Light Parade route.

We saw a lot of interesting sights along the way!

As I said before, we didn't take this race seriously. We all carried our cameras and stopped A LOT to take tons of photos. Jen cracked me up because she wanted to NOT SWEAT because she knew we would be freezing by the time the parade started that we were all staying to watch. A good idea, but not really possible in a 5K...even when you are stopping a lot and not pushing it.

The aid stations had cute little elves serving COOKIES and MILK!!!

Yes, we had to stop and take our photo with the Santa's little helper and PRETEND we are eating the cookies and milk. They just don't sit well in your stomach when you are running a race... but cute idea anyway!!!

One of Santa's larger elves....

Yes, another stop! We just HAD to take our picture with this band!!!

Back to the pavement.....

We turned a corner and saw the FINISH LINE. For some reason this race seemed longer than most 5K's. Hmm...I wonder if it's because we stopped to take photos so much?!!! As you can see below, sometimes we didn't even stop to take the photo!

Our time was pathetic, but all in all not too bad considering all our stops! lol

We had to stand in line after crossing the finish line to turn in our race number. That's a first.

Some photographer guy that stalked us the entire race, asked if he could photograph us after we finished.

MY cheerleaders!!! AND action photographer!

It was just a little windy at times!!!

Look who we found!!! ↓ He was just walking down the street as if some normal pedestrian. We stopped and asked if we could have our photo with him. He said sure. He was the REAL thing! It was HIM, I know it!

A little later Jen took her son Logan over to see him and look what he gave her!!! ↓ SEE I TOLD YOU! I JUST KNEW IT!!! It IS him!!!!

We stayed and watched the Holiday Light Parade. HUGE crowds even though it was FREEZING!!!

After the parade (well, after WE had seen enough) we all walked to Costa Vida to eat dinner.

A HO-HO time was had by all!!! I can't wait for next year!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am still alive...really

You know there's been ENOUGH winter when...

Slacker Slacker Slacker!!!


This winter has been a bigger challenge to keep running for me than last year. Last year I was out in the very freezin' temps nearly every day. I was a he-woman! This year I have been a she-man. Not sure what that means but it seems like it would be the opposite of he-woman and so I am going to use it.

Last year my cut off temp was 11 degrees. This year it started about 28 and then kept going up, and now it's about 40! I am not a fan of the cold. I did my best and went out as frequently as my wimpy body would tolerate, but then I discovered the treadmill. I have never owned a treadmill. Now I know why. When the weather got to be too dangerous with ice packed roads and snow covered streets, I decided to stay at the gym after my Body Sculpt (weight training) class and run on the treadmill. I never run farther than about three miles on it though and so I know I am losing some of my stamina. I have learned one thing though....I HATE THE TREADMILL!I don't like to see how far I still have left to go when I am already feeling like killing over. When I am outside running it isn't an issue how much time I have left. I know how much farther I have to go and that has never been something I focus on when I am outside. There is something to be said for fresh air and being out in the world around others. They also added two cardio classes at the gym that I attend each week that helps to substitute for a couple of runs. I enjoy them even if it is a pain to get up at 5:30 a.m. five days a week now.

There hasn't been any races to train for either and so that has contributed to my lack of motivation to get out as well. I was asked to be part of a team for the Wasatch Back in June or July and I am having serious doubts if I can do it or not. It sounds very grueling, in many ways harder than a marathon. I have been really stressing about that.

I just want winter to END so I can get back out there and enjoy my runs again! Has anyone else ever got in a winter rut before? I hope I haven't lost too much in my slump!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, I have been AWOL from this blog for NINE MONTHS!!!! Yes NINE!!!! That is because I lost the ability to see and read the posts! Yes, this little section of what you are currently reading simply....


I really had NO idea what happened. It is impossible to get a hold of blogger and so I asked other bloggers but no one had any idea.

Then the other night as I was laying in bed, the thought occured to me to take off the last post to see if that had some glitch in it that may have caused it. I honestly didn't think it would help, but VIOLA! back to normal! YEA!!!! It was the photo in the post that seemed to be the problem. No more picture! Small price to pay to have my blog back!

Now the problem will be to see if I can keep it updated! I have slacked off with my regular one and so I hope I can keep this one going. The other problem is I am positive I have lost ALL my readers...of course! Oh well, maybe someone will stumble onto it and find something worth commenting on!