Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snowman Shuffle

The SNOWMAN SHUFFLE 5K was held last Saturday. The weather was a little chilly, but right before the race the sun came out in all it's glory and really warmed things up. It was no comparison to last year when we ran in a flippin' blizzard! This year was so much better.
They had approximately 140 runners. I was happy that I got 2nd in my age division. 42nd overall. But disappointed that I ran 14 seconds faster last year. My time was 27:52. Last year it was 27.38. With the conditions being so much better I thought I would be faster this year. But I guess it makes a big difference in my training. I haven't been running as much this past month as I usually do and it takes it toll. I have had a harder time climatizing this year for some reason. I do not enjoy going out in the bitter cold at all!

This year I paced myself much better than last year. Last year I started out fast thinking I could maintain that pace the entire race. I was wrong. I had to slow down and even walk for a short distance, which is taboo for me. I really had a hard time getting back into my grove after that. This year I started out even more slowly than I normally do because I wanted to conserve some energy for the big hill. I maintained that pace pretty much the entire route. I did push it down the hill to make up for lost time going up the blasted thing, and I got a killer side ache about a half mile into it, but was able to relieve it after about another half mile.

Ready to run!

Here we are with this year's sweatshirts. They are much cuter than last years, but I wish they would make them in women's sizes instead of just mens!

Julie crossing the finish line in all her elf-dom.

Here I am accepting my 2nd place ribbon. Last year I didn't even place in the top three. So even though I was 14 seconds under last year, I was happy. They also widened our age range this year due to the large number of runners. There was a span of seven years in my category. I didn't beat my record, but I still placed.

Mike, Andrew, and Neil also ran it. I was bummed because Andrew and Niel's time was better than mine this race and I always finish before they do. I think they have been training harder!


All in all it was a fun run. I am pretty sure the weather will never be better for this run than it was this year. We were all shedding our jackets before the finish line and there were several runners in shorts and tank tops. Pretty unusual for a Utah December run! My lungs weren't even burning this year running up the very steep and very long killer hill! Can't wait until next year... or can I?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turkey Trot!

Today was the annual ...

I wasn't totally set on running it this year since my running has been almost non-existent the past two weeks. I was afraid I wouldn't be conditioned enough to run the 4 miles at a fast pace especially in the cold. I am not a fan of running in the cold!
But my friend Julie called me early this morning and said she was going to do it and so I decided I would too. We headed to the park and registered.
I was happy to see Kiela (one of my Young Women girls) registering too! She is on the far left.

No - registering isn't this much fun....we were just having a moment (inside joke!)

Here we are getting ready to line-up looking all fresh and spry!!!

Here is Julie AFTER the 4 miles not looking so fresh and spry. She finished with a huge amount of blood on her shoe! She wasn't sure what was going on because she didn't feel any pain. Looking at the blood was pain enough for me! When she removed her shoe and sock, she discovered that one of her toenails had been cutting into the side of one of her toes. Ouch! I was amazed at the amount of blood that could produce! She really is a trooper!!!

My time was 34:53
One second off from last year! Unfortunately it was one second slower instead of faster. But, oh well... I survived and I finished. In fact...
I WON a Pumpkin Pie because I took 2nd!!!
I was happy because I took 3rd last year.
As I was running I was so excited because I knew I was in the lead of those in my age division. That was until about a half a mile into it when I saw Jennifer D. pass me! As she ran past me I said GOODBYE to my TURKEY! The first place winner in each age division won a turkey. DANG! Maybe next year!
Kiela won 1st in her age division! Woo-hoo!

This is a photo of all those in our ward that ran it. Here we are looking like we are getting ready to go to a ward dinner! They gave out pies to some of those that didn't place since they had extras. Mike (the tall guy) got 3rd and Julie did too.

By that last half mile I was thinking they should change the name from the

to the

I was feeling a little wobbly! But, I am glad I did it. The pie was heavenly!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spooktacular Run

Today I ran the Spooktacular 5K in Mantua. I had never ran this one before and it sounded fun since I am HUGE Halloween fan. I mainly wanted the shirt, but they ran out because they weren't expecting such a large turnout and so they promised to mail them. I didn't decide to do it until yesterday. It was either this or a long run today. I thought this sounded much funner!

I was pretty jazzed though because I took 1st Place in my age division!!! And 18th overall.

My time was 27:08 which isn't my best for a 5K, but I wasn't surprised because the altitude is higher in Mantua (in the mountains) and the first part was pretty rigorous with some major and looooong lasting hills! I was definitely struggling more to breath on this race. It was one of (if not thee) hardest 5k's I have done so far due to the hills and altitude. The temp was pretty chilly. I think at race start time it was somewhere in the high 30's. Brrrr...... Can I just say once again that I am NOT ready for winter! Bring back the heat!

Julie also ran it. Here we are before the race showing our muscles toughness.

Running through the campground.

CHEESE!!! Look at that hair! What a boof!

It was a beautiful course and a gorgeous (though cold) fall day.

Julie nearing the finish line.

My 1st place ribbon and the cookies I won. Yes - cookies! Wouldn't want those calories I burned during the run to not be immediately replaced now would we? Hmm....seems like granola bars would be more appropriate! Oh well, I was just grateful for anything since I didn't get my shirt! It was well organzied and they had a great turnout. I would guess about 75-80 or so runners in the 5K and about 40 in the Kids K. There were about 10-12 in my age division...(age 40-49). It made me excited and motivated to get planning the Memorial Run for Tyson!

We did it!

It really was...

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Slacker!

I can't believe what a total slacker I have been about posting on here, as well as reading all my favorite other running blogs! I think without a huge goal in mind (aka MARATHON!), I just didn't have a lot of motivation to post.

BUT, I have still kept up my running. I probably average about 20 miles a week. Some weeks more and some less. This week will be fitting into the less category. I pulled a muscle in my back at the gym on Friday morning and so that has put me out of commission for a while I am fretting. I guess I can't complain because it was PERFECT timing considering winter decided to show up early this year...yeah like on FRIDAY! It snowed this weekend and today's morning temperature was 27 degrees! YOWZA! That is a bone chiller morning. I have to admit I was glad I had a good excuse not to attempt a run this morning. I know I am not even close to being climatized and I dread getting used to running in the cold again. Didn't I just barely DO that? Summer just flew! Mainly because where I live we didn't get spring. Winter decided to ENDURE and ENDURE until about June, when it suddenly decided it was time for summer. Now, we aren't getting our fair share of fall! It seriously went from being in the 80's to almost overnight in the 20's! It only confirms to me I really hate winter! So WHY do I live in a place that has winter for nearly six months out of 12? Who knows? I'm crazy that way I guess. If I could I would be a running

for those six months and only run when it's warm! But, then I would miss some of my favorite things that occur ONCE I am climatized, like running when the snow is softly falling, feeling the peace and quiet of a winter morning, and being able to be outside and soak in that little bit of sun that does shine through every so often. I have come to NEED the time I spend outdoors, no matter the temperature. Being outside just somehow restores my soul and gives me what I need to feel good inside and out. I can tell a big difference in my mood when I am not able to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Just being outside for even a short walk does my mind and body wonders. Sooo....I will quit my griping about the cold and just focus on how much better I will feel after I force myself out in those freezing temps! I promise...At least once my back feels a little better! Who knows by then maybe it will have warmed up some!!! I can always hope!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Peach Days 10K

I have been such a slacker about posting on here as of late. So much so that when I went to post the Peach Days 10K results I did it on here instead! What does that tell you??? I decided it would be much easier to link to it than re-do the whole thing. I could copy and paste but photos don't like to do that! Sooooo.... for the FULL story please go HERE.

Here are a few photos so I will at least have some record of it on here!

The cool t-shirt and my medal!

Almost there!

My official time was posted as 53:43! I shaved over three minutes off of my time from last year!

I won third in my age division!!! WOOT!

Mirian, Me, and Julie

Jen brought me these amazing flowers!!! I still can't believe she did that!

PURPLE MAN!!! To read more about him go to the link above!

It was a great, although tough race this year. I am glad I did it and I am once again looking forward to next year!