Friday, June 27, 2008

Great Long Run!

I woke up this morning knowing that I had to do my long run no matter what since I have not been able to get one in for the past two or three weeks because of camp and youth conference and being sick. But when I am woke up I had a pretty nasty sore throat. What? Didn't I just get rid of that? It felt like what I had been battling a couple weeks ago that I THOUGHT I had got rid of for good! I knew it was not going to be a good day for a long run but I also knew I had to do it. I decided to just go out and see if I could even get in five or six miles. I was positive the whole thing was going to be a real struggle. Much to my surprise it was one of the best runs I have been on in a long time! My throat was fine once I got moving and I didn't have any body parts hurting the entire time! The only drawback was thirst! I didn't get out until around 7:45 a.m. but it was still in the 70's with a nice breeze blowing. I didn't scout out a route because I honestly didn't think I would be going too far because of my throat. I just ran and tried to estimate my distance by my time. I should know by now that I always estimate too short! I wanted to get in 10 miles and so when I got home and goggle earthed my distance I was really disappointed that I had only gone nine. Especially since I was still feeling good at the end and could have added another mile easily. Usually by the end my body is begging me to stop. Today was not like that at all. I didn't even need more than one walking break and that was up a big hill. I did stop to chat with the horses for a minute because they were in a good mood and very friendly today. And I saw some bunnies and so of course I had to watch them for a minute too! But other than that and my short pause to say hi to Tyson at the cemetery, I didn't need any breaks. I was doing great and had a lot of energy. I was really getting thirsty by about mile seven and I was so happy to see a drinking fountain on Main Street! I had just ran up a pretty big hill with a serious head wind when I saw it. Water! What a welcome sight! I didn't take any or stash any today because when I left I was sure it was not going to be a long run. I text Jen to see if she had already left since we hadn't made any plans to run together today. She text back about an hour later saying she was out. I was heading home by that point and so we didn't meet up. I was surprised how much I enjoyed today's run being alone. I have some great music on my IPOD that I was really getting into. Overall it was one of those runs that I actually enjoyed. I cherish those because they don't happen that often! I am a little concerned beacause I haven't even checked a training schedule to see how far I should be running if I am going to do that marathon. Sometimes I just prefer to go with how I feel, but I know that isn't wise. I plan on doing that today and see if I am even close to being where I need to be after such a long break. I still haven't committed to even doing the marathon because of being discouraged with being sick, but after today, I think I may be able to do it! Life has been so crazy that I haven't even blogged any of my runs this week. I will include the distances here.
Total distance today: 9.07 miles
Total distance Wed: 6.72 miles
Total distance Tues: 4.12 miles
Total distance Mon: 5:87 miles

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

It has been a while since I posted. I think I am finally over my sickness. It really lingered on and just when I thought I was better, it would smack me down again. I went to a boy's camp as a camp mom last week. We were at Sundance up in the mountains and the altitude was pretty high. I was still not feeling all that great, in fact I ended up with food poisoning one night and was really sick! But I was able to handle one run while there and I am not sure if it was the altitude or trying to recover from the food poisoning (which totally dehydrated me if you know what I mean!) or the chest cold thing I was fighting, but it was REALLY tough to breath! AND it was UPHILL almost the entire way until I decided to turn around. I ran past Robert Redford's house but wasn't lucky enough to see him out jogging. The morning I really felt like running up there, I chickened out because it was really cold! Like in the 20's! So last week was pretty much a wash AGAIN as far as training goes. I did run a couple of days before we left, but nothing significant.

Here are some shots from my run at Sundance. This is Mt. Timpanogos

It was gorgeous up there!

This is the gate to Robert Redford's home.

These were posted all over around where he lives.

This is me (the rebel) running on private property! And I didn't even get prosecuted!

Yesterday I ran three miles. I would have gone farther but I had a hair appointment that I had to hurry and get home for. It was a great run though. I ran up every hill without stopping once. Even the last three killer ones. I think there is something mental going on when I know I only have to go three miles that makes it easier.

Today I went six and a half miles. I was determined to get in six and so I am glad I went a little more. That will make up for the time I spent at the farm. The little old farmer was there today and so we chatted a bit. He asked if I wanted three fresh chicken eggs. I had to decline since I was running and knew they would be scrambled eggs if I took them! Actually maybe I should have because it was so hot today that they would have been cooked scrambled eggs and probably done just in time to eat when I got home! I need to start going out earlier because it is getting pretty hot now. I watched some bunnies and talked to the horses for a bit too. That always brightens my runs! I didn't feel any effects of my sickness in my lungs at all and for the first time in a LONG time I had energy. Hopefully it has passed now and I can get on with my REAL training!
Total distance yesterday: 3 miles
Total distance today: 6.57 miles

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I never get sick!

This week has felt like a wash. I am still fighting whatever it is I have come down with. At first we thought it was strep because my throat was the only thing that was really bothering me. Then a cough started and now it's a productive cough. Whatever it is, it has decided to settle in my lungs. I almost lost my voice on Tuesday. I have been on antibiotics since Wednesday, but I am thinking it is viral because it seems to be going the wrong direction.

I did get out on Monday. I went to the gym for my strength training class and then tried to run, but only got in a couple of miles. This was before the cough and lungs were really involved. I also went out on Wednesday and really did well considering my lungs were now joining in on the fun. Jen called me on Thursday to see if I wanted to run our long run together that day instead of Saturday. I wasn't feeling that great and I knew a long run would be suicide, so I declined. Friday I went to my strength training class and then ran for five. I wasn't feeling all that great, but it's almost like my body needed it. My 'doc' wouldn't agree. He told me it would be hard on my lungs to run. I couldn't help it and so I went anyway! What a rebel I know! I took it easy at first but didn't stop until I got to the farm and that was only because I saw some bunnies and had to watch them for a few. I ran the rest of the three or so miles home. That totally surprised me. I didn't think my body would be able to do that. My lungs were fine. However by the last hill, my throat was really burning. And my hip flexors were pretty much screaming for me to stop the whole way. But I just ignored them.
So that brings me to today. I stayed up pretty late last night. My hubby was at an all night camp with my youngest and I went to a movie and dinner (well, really only dessert...creme' brulee~ oh heaven!!!) with a friend and so got home late, and then stayed up even later! I tend to do that when he is gone. Sooooo.... I slept right through my Zumba class! But, the way I was feeling this morning, it wouldn't have mattered. I don't know if I would have even gone anyway. Today is the worst I have felt all week. Not good, considering I need to get in a long run! I am still thinking about heading out and trying it, but I am wondering if I feel this way because I pushed it yesterday. Even though I was amazed at how effortlessly I was able to run yesterday, it's looking like it may not have been the best thing for me. Guess I should have listened to the doc! It's now 9:15 a.m. and perfect weather, but just not feeling up to it. But, if I know me, I bet I end up trying it, especially after all that creme' brulle! I do really feel like crap though. Not easy for someone like me, who never really gets sick, to be forced to take it easy. I'll let ya know later what I end up doing. At the moment I am ready to go get in the shower and let this body rest and try and recover. That's what I know I should do! Happy Saturday all!
Total distance Friday: 5 miles

Monday, June 2, 2008

Totally un-motivated

I haven't been posting much about my training (or lack of!) because I am not really set on what I am training for. I have several small races on the agenda for this summer, but those aren't exactly worthy of some big training agenda. So each morning when I head out to run, I really just run as far as I feel like it, instead of as far as a training plan would tell me I need to. That isn't exactly the most motivating way to do things. And then when I am out running and start contemplating running a full marathon, I feel like there is NO way under the heavens I can do that. Lately just those five miles have been killers on some days. The LONG training runs that I know I will have to endure in order to run 26.2 miles are very overwhelming to me right now. I don't think running a 20 miler in the heat of August sounds very appealing at all! Just running a 20 miler in ANY weather doesn't sound appealing at ALL! Maybe I just need to keep my focus on the half marathon that is in August. I think I'm going to do for sure. I guess I just need to get registered and then it will be a for sure thing and I can focus on training for it. I have been doing cross training (weights) at the gym and attending a Zumba class (mostly for fun!), but as far as my running goes, I haven't run farther than five or six miles since the half marathon. I am also getting a little discouraged because my knees are starting to act up on me. They haven't really bothered me much considering how much I run, but lately I have been feeling both of them while on my run and then after. That is pretty discouraging because I have bad knees, but have been so fortunate they have held up so well this entire year. I keep wondering if it has anything to do with my new shoes. That is about when it all started. You would think it would have been before with my old shoes that had so many miles on them. The thing that is discouraging me the most is that now the weather is so warm (actually hot) and I am just not feeling the urge to run. I've waited for this warmth for months! Life has been very busy, and I have been able to squeeze in something each day, even if it's just a power walk, but I am feeling like a slacker once again. This is not the kind of post I like to write and I wasn't even going to post it, but decided it would be good for me to be able to go back and see how I was feeling once I am feeling motivated again! Hopefully anyway!

I have been fighting strep throat, but this morning I finally gave into taking some antibiotics. I think the strep made today's run a bit harder. Hopefully, that will pass and I will feel more like getting out there and making it count. I ran to the farm today. I haven't been that way for a while. I saw a bunch of bunnies and even some baby ones. They are so stinkin' cute! I was not feeling too powerful at the beginning and then I got a killer side ache and so I walked some. But by the end I was able to push it up the big hill and ran continuously the last three or so miles.

Total distance today: 5 miles
Total distance Mon: 5 miles
Total distance last Thur: 5 miles power walk
Total distance last Fri: 5 miles W/R

Total distance Sat: 2 miles plus Zumba