Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Running in Paradise

My first run in Paradise! I got up at 5:30 a.m. and couldn't wait to get out and run on the beach! I still haven't adjusted to the time change and so it even though I have only slept about 4 hours in two days, I wanted to get out there! I can think of nothing better than running along side the ocean, watching and listening to the sounds of the sea! Oh, how I love the ocean! It was beautiful! I tried to run on the sand, but that was really difficult and so I settled on the sidewalk around the resort we are staying at. But it didn't go far enough and so I ended up on the highway (it's a very small highway!) I ran about four miles total. The altitude made it much easier, but the humidity balanced that right out! I was really sweating by the time I was done. But even still, I could get used to this! I think I was born to live by the ocean. It is so calming and peaceful. I could sit and watch it for hours. I did see a few interesting things though. I nearly stepped on a rat...a dead rat! UGH! He was just laying on the grass. And then on my way back I saw some strange animal run out in front of me. I'm still not sure what it was. It looked like a long squirrel, but I don't think it was one. I did see a dead squirrel after that though, so I'm still not sure. I was ready to end by the time I ran for 40 minutes. Being sleep deprived doesn't help in the energy department! But, I figure I can sleep when I get home. I mean, how often will I get to run in Paradise???? Total Distance: 4 miles (estimate)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hang on for your life!

What a blustery day again! Okay so it wasn't as bad as the photo, but almost! I went running with Jen today for our long run since tomorrow we both have things early. We started out and it wasn't too bad, but the winds really kicked it up and it got pretty intense! It felt like we were barely moving at certain spots. It was a real icy wind too, which was not fun since neither of us took our gloves or earmuffs or hats. We didn't think we would need them when we left. It was about 48 degrees, but with the wind chill I am sure it was much colder! We ran about 8 miles. Jen is supposed to be recovering from the marathon she ran on Saturday, but you would never know it! She is doing so well! We did walk off and on, but that was fine with me. It is always so much better to go with a partner on the longer runs. It helps make the time go by so much faster. Someday I am sure spring is going to decide to appear. Probably while I am in Hawaii and I will miss it! Total distance: 8 miles

Thursday, April 24, 2008

An adventure everyday!

So much for putting away my gloves and earmuffs! It was another chilly one! When I left it was 38 degrees and the same when I got home. It had been raining, but thankfully it had quit by the time I left. I headed out about 7:30 a.m. today. I had a full morning and so I had to get out and get back. I am so glad I didn't wait until later on because it started to snow and got windy and even colder! It was a pretty good run today. No pain. I did try and run faster the last couple of miles, but didn't time myself or track the distance. I hope I am going to be trained enough by May 17th! I am starting to worry. Due to the rain, I thought I would see a lot more night crawlers, but I saw some lovely slugs instead. I almost squished several of them before I noticed them! Ew....that would have been sick! They are! They were all over the sidewalk in front of one house! Another reason to not run on the sidewalk! I did end up seeing a bunch of night crawlers later on as well. Guess that explains why the birds sounded extra happy today. Think of what I would be missing out on if I didn't get out and run each day! I see so many interesting things, and I don't even write about half of it! It would take too long. Especially if I wrote about some of the people! Waaaaay interesting. Total Distance: 5.15 miles

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A "Hare"-y run

Today it was 52 degrees when I went out! Oh yes! I was excited. It didn't feel all that warm to me though. I had on my Capri running pants and was a little chilly. But it still beat having to wear the gloves and ear muffs for a change! Loved it! I felt great today and it was one of those real good runs where I didn't feel like I had to stop and rest. I love it when that happens! If only it were everyday! I ended up down by the farm where I like to visit the horses and today I got a huge treat. The bunnies were out everywhere! I saw at least 10 or more. They get spooked real easy and so I just started walking and then taking very slow steps so I didn't scare them all away. I was able to watch some of them for a bit and then one by one they took off. I walked up the hill and saw a very tiny baby gray bunny. Oh, sooooo cute! He was out of the fenced in area and near the dirt road. When I approached him, he also took off into hiding. But, there was one large one that was just hanging around. I offered him some grass and he wasn't afraid of me! In fact, he came right up to me and let me pet him for a second. He was a beautiful floppy earred, calico looking one. I loved it! I have a thing for bunnies and he was really cute. The only bad thing was, I had stopped running! Not good I know! I couldn't help it though when I saw all those rabbits. They are just so fun to watch. And, that was the only time I stopped the entire time, so I tried to justify it! Who could resist a cute little bunny anyway? Not me! I thought that I should have done some intervals since I was feeling so good, but I didn't remember until the last mile. I did pump it up some that last mile. Still trying to figure out what makes one run better than the other. I didn't eat all that great yesterday because I was gone all day, and so I am just not sure. So, I will keep trying to figure it out. I almost forgot to mention that I had a serious allergy attack while running today. I was sneezing non stop for a long time! And of course I had forgot to take kleenex today. There was some TP sitting in someone's yard in a bush, obviously from a TP job, that I was half tempted to snag and use, but, my jacket sleeve worked just as well! You gotta do what ya gotta do. I also did my strength training class at the gym this morning for one hour. Total Distance: 5.76 miles

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Has Anyone Seen This?

I am losin' it! I had a busy day and so I didn't get in my run this morning. So this afternoon, I was already to go out and my friend Julie called to see if I wanted to go on a walk with her. I told her I really needed to run, but wanted the company, and so she said she would do her best to run. I don't do my best running in the afternoon anyway, and so I thought it would work out great. We took off and ran for about a mile and a half and then walked up the hill. We were chatting away and she mentioned her son's grades and it suddenly HIT ME that I was supposed to be at parent teacher conferences...right then! Aaaaaa!!! How did I forget? I remembered on my way from home helping with my cousin's funeral preparations and even when I pulled into town. But then it left me! And it wasn't the only thing that left me today. I rushed home to pick up my 11 year old from school, only to get there and realize I didn't have to pick him up today because he rides with another carpool to go to a group class he is in. I totally forgot! I seem to be doing this all the time lately! I chalk it up to stress...NOT old age! ☺ Anyway, when it hit me, we had only gone maybe 2 or 3 miles! I tried to figure out how I was going to get home in time and still be able to get to the conference. Luckily I was near my in-laws house. We walked to their house and got a ride home so I could get ready and head over to the school. As soon as I walked in the son whose conference I was supposed to be at, informed me that he was now going at seven p.m. with my husband. No one told me this though. Why??? Well, because I had lost my cell phone today too! Aaaaaa!!! So much for a great work-out today! Total Distance: 2 1/2 miles (mostly walking)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Did Spring Ever Show?

I keep wondering if I missed spring this year? It seemed it was here for a couple of days, but that's about it. However, I decided I will no longer complain about the cold temps, because I know in the not too distant future, I will be complaining about the heat! So, I may as well enjoy the cooler temps. because they will be gone all too soon. I think it is much easier to bundle up and stay warm anyway, than try and cool off when it is really hot. That is ONLY as a runner. As a normal person (not inferring that runner's aren't normal!) I prefer it hot! This morning I had a full day and so I had to go out early even though it was only 26 degrees. And here I thought I had worn my gloves and earmuffs for the last time last week! Ha! I was pretty chilly for the first half mile, but after that I warmed right up and had to take off my jacket. I had a good run. Not as good as Saturday, but still not bad. My lungs were not real thrilled to be out there, but the rest of me seemed to be fine. I ran only four miles today. But since that is all I had time for, I will take it. I am getting a little stressed because this is a real busy week and I want to get a real good training week in since next week I will be soaking in the sun in PARADISE! I hope to be able to run each day while there too, but I am not sure what it will be like yet. Went to my strength training class this morning as well. Total Distance: 4.38 miles

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Best Run So Far!


Been waiting for this day for a long time! I finally had a really good LONG run! I have had my share of great short ones, but never a good long one until today! It seemed everything went perfect for me today. First of all my body actually wanted to get out. There are some days when I just crave running. Today was one of them. When I hit the pavement it was 60 degrees! Ahhh.....heaven! That in itself could have been the reason I wanted to get out there! This has been THEE longest winter ever! The only drawback for today was, (well, there were two) 1) I had to run alone because Jen was running the SLC Marathon today and 2) the wind was blowing insanely! As far as the first drawback, just knowing Jen was running as well, helped keep me motivated. I knew whatever miles I did would be a drop in the bucket compared to what she was doing. We texted each other a couple of times and I could tell she was doing great, but was battling the wind as well. My plan was to only go six miles today, since it is still my recovery week. But once I got out there and was feeling so good, I wanted to go farther. I just kept adding on extra streets here and there and decided to just keep going until I thought I was at about 9 miles. My lungs felt great! I loved having the feeling that I could just keep going on and on. My knees only bothered me at the start and then were fine. The only real complaint would be my glutes! Well, just one glute! Not sure if I'm still sore from last week or what! And for some weird reason the bottom of my toes were hurting. But, all in all, I felt so good. Now, if it just wouldn't have been windy. I didn't mind it unless I was running against it. When I did that, it was so strong that I felt like I was barely moving. It was really powerful. I tried to avoid heading face on into it and as a result I ended up running on the side of this hilly slope. The ground was totally unstable and I knew I was risking injury by doing that. I got off as fast as possible. When I got to my house, I just kept going and headed to the park to do a loop there. I wasn't ready to stop. When I got back around I decided to go get a drink and check on Google Earth how far I'd gone. I even ran up my steep hill! I never do that. I got my drink and googled it and it was only 7.56 miles. I was really surprised because I thought I had gone farther than that. I also thought I was doing a pretty decent time, but when I paced it out, it came down to about 10-11 minute miles. I guess that's not too bad for a long run. I wanted it to be at least an even 8 miles and so I headed up the mountain to put in another half or so. I was so amazed that I didn't want to crash and die when I got back like last week. I am sure there are several reasons why today was so good. The first has to be that my body needed the rest that I gave it this week. I also ate well yesterday. I even had a 3G Energizer drink from Jamba Juice. Sure that didn't hurt! Or it could have been the heavenly food from the Olive Garden I ate last night. I only slept for about 5 1/2 hours last night and that didn't even affect me. I keep wondering if I should have just gone for as long as I felt up to it. But maybe then I would have overdone it and this recovery week would have been in vain. Either way, I am pumped!!! It feels good, especially after Thursday's discouraging run. Total Distance: 8.25 miles

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Please Stop!

That is what my body kept telling me today as I was out on my run. I wasn't sure what to expect today since dealing with the hard run on Saturday and then giving myself some time to recuperate. I didn't know if it would be real easy because of all the rest or if it would be tough because I hadn't gone for a while. I started out walking to warm up and then when I started to jog, I just felt like I wanted to stop. That is normal for me occasionally, but today, it was for the entire run. My lungs were struggling and my hip flexors were pretty unhappy. I walked a bit and then would start up again and just could not find my groove. I was getting very frustrated with myself. I just wanted to quit and really didn't care if I ever ran again. I just kept wondering why I was doing this to myself when it feels like this. It's hard to remember what a good run feels like when you are in the middle of a bad one. I didn't feel like I had much endurance at all. Jen suggested earlier I do some pace work (intervals), but there was no way I could have sped up today. I was just happy when I was able to jog along at a slow pace. I was trying to figure out why I was feeling this way. Did I not allow enough recovery time? Did I allow too much? What was it? It finally hit me! I didn't eat very well yesterday. Dave and two of the boys were gone fishing for a couple of days, and so it was just me and two others, but they were off and gone most of the time. When I am basically alone, I just don't take the time to eat well. If there is not a sit down dinner or lunch, I usually just skip it. When I tried to figure out what I had eaten yesterday, the only thing I could think of was a bowl of oatmeal w/milk, and a bunch of nuts! Oh yeah, and a See's chocolate. (I knew, I had to have some chocolate in there somewhere!) No wonder I was feeling so weak! Duh... I am sure that is why I struggled so much. My body didn't have the energy because I didn't give it any. I think I learned my lesson on that one and I will now be more careful to how I am fueling myself. A car can't run without fuel and a body certainly can't either! When I got home, I had a pretty good headache coming on and my left knee was in a lot of well as my hip flexors. Instead of feeling good about today's run, I totally felt defeated and discouraged. At least now I know why I was feeling that way and can prevent it from happening in the future. This poster is one of those "un-motivational" ones, but today it really struck me as humorous! Sorry if it is offensive to anyone. ☻ Total distance: 5.76 miles

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are you kidding me???

I haven't posted for a while because I haven't had anything to post about! Yes, it's true, I have NOT ran once since my long run on Saturday! I also didn't go to my strength training class on Monday or today. It was actually in my plan to take a recovery period for a few days, but this is ridiculous! I planned to rest on Sunday and Monday and then do some easy cross training the rest of the week. I got the rest in, but the cross training still hasn't happened. It was really cold on Tuesday, and the wind was very icy, but that is no excuse really. If I am properly dressed, it's not a problem. I don't own a treadmill and I think I would have an easier time making sure it happened if I did. What? A runner without a treadmill? Yes, it's true. I asked for one for Christmas a couple of years ago before I had started running, but since Dave thinks treadmills are only expensive devices made to store clothes on, it wasn't under the tree. I think I have convinced him by now that I would use it, but I really enjoy running outside so much, that it hasn't been an issue. Well, at least not until this week for some reason. Maybe I am just getting sick of the cold. I think I got spoiled by the couple of days we had in the high 60's and when it's back down in the 30's the next day, I just do not have any desire to bundle up and go out in it. I think I have thrown in my gloves for the winter. Or it may simply be the fact that I still haven't fully recovered from my long run on Saturday. Or maybe time just got away from me. Who knows? Hopefully it has done my body some good and I haven't lost anything from my slackfulness. I am planning on heading out first thing in the morning, no matter what the weather. I can't run on Friday morning because I have to be somewhere real early, but at least tomorrow I can hopefully get in a good run.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

10 miles!

...for me!!! I survived 10 MILES today! It's always so exciting when I reach a new "first"! Last year at this time if you had told me I would be able to run 10 miles, I would have laughed in your face! It is a great feeling of accomplishment each time I am able to go farther. Today was even sweeter because our time wasn't too shabby. 1 hour and 42 minutes. I know it's not a great race time, but not too bad for an easy run. We did a negative split today. Our time was 54 minutes for the first half and 48 minutes for the second. Before I picked up Jen, I went and hid some water on our route about the halfway mark. It was 44 degrees when we started, but before the second mile we had both shed our jackets. It was a beautiful sunny day...that's ALSO a first! It is usually raining or snowing or blowing...or a mixture of all three! Today was great. I was really unsure I would be able to get through it because yesterday I wasn't feeling all that great. This week of training was nothing to write home about either. Last night I was thinking of bagging it altogether. Good thing Jen is there to keep me motivated. It definitely wasn't one of those days where my body really wanted to run. So today's achievement was that much more savory. My lungs did okay, and I only felt like I really had to stop a couple of times, but was very grateful when Jen needed to stop for water. We did however have to stop for one potty break today...mine! Today my right knee was bothering me some and I got a pretty decent side ache about half way through. I also was feeling it in my shins today. I should've done some shin splint stretches before I left. But by mile 9, I was REALLY feeling it in my glutes! Oh baby! I took a Celebrex as soon as I got back with great hopes that will ease some of the soreness. When we were finished I felt great knowing I ran 10, but some of the excitement was subdued somewhat because my entire body was also attesting that I did. I hurt pretty much everywhere! I was actually half tempted to try out one of those ice baths Jen does when she gets back. But, I decided I wasn't that desperate! I ate a light breakfast before heading out today and I think that gave me extra stamina. Total Distance: 10 miles!!! Total time: 102 minutes

Friday, April 11, 2008

What a slacker!

Yep, it's true. I think someone must have been sneaking

<--------THESE into my water this week. I have been a total slacker all week. I started off great on Saturday with my nine mile run, but I have gone down hill since. I think the long run wiped me out AFTER and so I decided I would let my bod recover, but I think I took it to the extreme. Yep, and now it's already time (tomorrow) for another long run. I hope I can do it. Tomorrow is my TEN MILER! Yikes! I only got in ONE good run this week. The rest of the time I did mostly walking or hiking. I did do my strength training class this morning, but that left my back really sore for some reason. Holly is still gone and some of the exercises April has introduced, just don't agree with my body. She is a young whipper-snapper of about 22 years of age and so she does some things that us "more mature"- snappers, aren't exactly up to. The main problem is that we don't even realize it while we are doing them. It is when we get home and various body parts start to ache and throb and scream. That is when the light goes on and we think, "Oh, that must have been from doing those &$*#(@$ lifts or squats or bends or whatever today!" Hopefully the break will have done some good. Guess I will know by tomorrow night. I can tell I really need to get on a professional training plan and not just the "do what you feel like" plan. Well, I guess the bright side is that I won't have to worry about over training.
This morning it was really cold and windy and so I waited until it warmed up to about 40 degrees before I headed out. I had a headache and just simply wasn't feeling up to running today and so I hiked up the mountain. I hiked to the second bench and I have to say that is one heck of a hike. I didn't take the easy route that takes you around it. I did the trail that goes pretty much straight up. It wasn't too bad, but I did feel it. It would have been a great cardio workout if it took longer. I walked to the waterfall and then to the other side and found my favorite meditation rock. I sat there for a bit and then headed back. I missed the down trail and so had to back track a ways. I only saw one deer today. I was grateful I did because that helped me relax a little about the mountain lions. I figured if there were deer around then there probably weren't any cats. And if there was one, he would hopefully go for the deer before me. reality, probably not. But that's what I told myself and it worked. I know the deer can run much faster than me and I would be just plain and simple cat bait. I am just trying to get in as much time on the mountain as I can now because I know when summer hits, I will NEVER dare go up there because of all the rattlesnakes. It is really peaceful up there. Total distance: 1.75 miles whoopee...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just a "little" scare...

Today when I went out this morning, it was overcast and had just stopped sprinkling. It was about 32 degrees. I walked a bit to get warmed up and then started to run and knew that wasn't going to last long unless I found a porta potty and quick! Jen had told me about one she had used once while out running by one of the elementary schools and so I ran that way...actually walked, because it is not an easy thing to run with a full bladder, if you know what I mean! As I got closer to it, I decided I would rather just walk home since I was only about a mile away. I have this thing about porta potties. As I headed towards my house, I decided to take a detour up on the mountain. I walked (hiked) for a bit and then as I was going past a little grove of trees I heard some rustling coming from inside them. I wasn't scared because the deer do that all the time, but they also usually run out and take off. Nothing came out this time. I kept hearing more rustling and was getting a little nervous because the deer don't usually hang around at all. As I continued walking past the grove, I was a little on edge because I had heard that a mountain lion had been run over in the canyon not too far from our mountain. Yikes! I know they are up there because they have been spotted before, but I don't usually worry too much....UNTIL all of the sudden I was startled by this very loud and very strange growling like sound and a lot of more rustling! I just knew it was a mountain lion! I jumped and inhaled (I was too scared to scream!) and I am sure I lost 1o years off my life! When I turned and looked, it was a bunch of big birds causing a commotion and making some very weird noises! Whew! I was sure I was going to see this:
I hustled back home and called it a day. It started to lightly snow and I just wasn't in the mood to go back out. At least I did my strength training at the gym this morning. Total distance: 2. 50 miles walked.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It was cold again today, but being the wonder woman that I am, I put on my under armour and took the challenge. Yesterday we had a hail storm and there was a lot of evidence of it all over the grass. It was only 31 degrees when I set out. The wind was blowing like crazy, but it was nothing like Saturday's icy wind. By the time the sun came out, I was actually hot! I had to take off my gloves, which I never do unless it's above 40. Not sure why it felt warmer today even though the temperature says it was real cold. Maybe the sun beating down hard on my sore and weary body had something to do with it. Just body has actually fully recovered. Partly due to the fact I gave it a rest on Sunday and only walked yesterday. I also took a day off my strength training class yesterday. I only went about 4 miles today because there was construction everywhere I turned. It was an easy run on the lungs...thankfully. The only thing I could really feel today were my shins. They usually don't bother me anymore. I couldn't resist the beautiful sunny day and so I stopped and just took some "me" time at a baseball field. It felt so great! It was so peaceful to hear the birds and just feel spring in the air. I saw so many beautiful spring flowers popping out all over too. I really, really, really think spring is going to come eventually! The flowers already know it is, now if someone would just send a memo to the thermostat! Total Distance: 4.50 miles

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nine more...

I survived nine more miles today! Last night I wasn't sure I was going to even be able to run at all. My muscles were still hurting pretty bad from the gym. We had a long drive to a missionary reunion for my hubby and on the way my legs started to just ache and I couldn't really stretch them enough to help much. I also had a pretty nice headache. I knew if I felt the same in the morning there was no way my body would survive even a few miles, let alone the nine I needed to go. I was so exhausted by the time my head hit the pillow, which was after midnight, that I didn't think there was anyway I would feel much different in the morning. Jen and I had decided to go early so we could be back before conference started. When my alarm went off, I was still pretty tired, but the legs were thankfully feeling much better. I got ready and met Jen at the bottom of my street. She started even earlier so she could in her full 18 miles. I was worried she was going to be all warmed up and ready to go and I was going to slow her down. I probably did, but she didn't say anything. The temperature was 39 degrees and pretty mild unless the wind blew and then it was icy! It was a good run. I didn't feel super great, but I didn't feel like I was going to die either. That's always good! I don't think it was quite as easy as last week, mainly because of my sore muscles. I am amazed how much easier it is to run with a partner. It makes the time go so much faster and there is less time to focus on the PAIN! We did the five mile route and then started over and cut it short since I only had to add four more, although Jen still needed three after that. I should have just tried to do the five mile route again and do a full 10. At the time I wasn't sure I wanted to do that, but looking back now, I should have. I stretched when I got back and hopefully that will keep me from being as stiff as I was last week. But I'm not feeling real confident about that as I write this. It's been six hours since I returned and I am feeling it big time! I feel pretty much wiped out! Good thing I didn't add that extra mile. I ate oatmeal with 2% milk when I returned. I had a banana 30 minutes before I left. Today was the first time I really wished I had some water during the run. Next week I think I will hide some! I am not sure I am ready for Jen's water holding contraption, not because it looks like a catheter tube hanging out...LOL!, but because I don't know if I want to carry one of those if I can go without it. Not smart I know! I am sure the extra added fluid would only help. I had to laugh at Jen running with that hose dangling from her waist. It really did look like she was carrying a catheter as she ran! So funny! I tried to take a photo of her with my cell phone but it didn't work. She promised me she would have her hubby take a photo of it so I can post it on here. I can't wait! The best thing would be if someone would invent a catheter/water carrier! Then you wouldn't have to search for a drinking fountain OR a porta-potty when the need arises. Might be a money maker. Well at least until someone got the two hoses mixed up! Total distance: 9.00 miles! Total time: 1 hour 33 min.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Is the anticpation of spring like running?

I went to my Body Sculpt class this morning and since Holly is off on a cruise (lucky girl!), April was filling in for her. It's always different with a new instructor and today was no exception. We got a little overkill on the quads! Oh man...I didn't think she was ever going to let us stop! We tried to communucate, "ENOUGH ALREADY!" since our legs were turning into rubber fast, but she kept adding MORE! Ugh! However, I DID survive and my legs will thank me later. Much later! I decided to just mostly power talk today because I am anticipating my long run tomorrow is going to take all I have. I thought I should try and conserve some energy for that! I am worried my quads and hamstrings (and probably even the glutes) are going to be screaming in the morning due to the gym torture this morning. I am going to do a lot of stretching today to see if that will help prevent it. YOWSA! I can already feel it setting in!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day today! The temperature was still real chilly at 32 degrees, but the SUN was shining brightly and there wasn't one single cloud in the sky. I walked about three miles and then wanted to just soak in some of those rays I have been longing for for so long. I sat down on a bench and just raised my face towards the sun and enjoyed every moment of that warmth just penetrating through my skin. It not only warmed my body, but my soul! How I have missed the sun! While I was running back (the small distance that I actually did run today), the thought popped into my head that long winters and our great anticipation of spring is in many ways similiar to running. We start out and are all excited about it (kind of like the first snowfall) and then somewhere in the middle we get kind of used to it, and then by the end it just keeps dragging on and on and we can't wait until it's over! The end just doesn't seem to come soon enough. We have to keep going and enduring it and finally we see the finish line and HOPE finally flows through our veins! There is an end afterall! And it is so close! That is how I felt today. There really is an end to winter and spring is so close! And then once spring settles in, as we look back, we decide that winter wasn't so bad afterall. And we even begin to look forward to it after we have recovered from it a bit...just like running a race. And in many ways like having a baby! When we focus on the rewards at the end, it helps make those long, hard, and painful spots easier to endure. Spring has never been more welcome! Total distance: 4.50 W-R

Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's baaaaaaack!

The sun finally came out from it's hiding place today! I went out about 8 a.m. and by the time I was heading back it was out in all it's glory beating down on my solar deprived shoulders. Just feeling the warmth was enough to brighten my day! I have missed that ol' guy. I don't know what it is about just feeling those rays penetrate through your skin that brings out the joy, but it definitely does. I am SO sick of the cold! Today I did about 3/4 running and 1/4 walking. I felt pretty good, but just didn't have the energy to push it the whole time. My legs were really feeling it today. It was huge effort to take every step. I didn't turn on my music at all because I wanted to use the alone time to think and ponder today, and maybe that is why. But it still felt good to be out in the beautiful warm sunshine! Winter is so over for me! Total distance: 5:00 miles.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What a gift!

This morning I went to my strength training class at the gym at 6 a.m. and then came home and made it out on my run by 7:30. It is late start for some of my boys and so I wanted to get it done and be back by the time they had to get up. The temperature was 36 degrees when I left...not too bad. It felt good to be out early in the morning again. My body likes it better and it was awesome to hear the birds in concert. Overall, it was a pretty good run. I still struggled at the beginning, mainly with my lungs, but that is normal for me and by the second mile I was feeling more energy. I tried to push it a little faster today and lengthen my stride. The last few weeks I have just been easing back in at a slow pace. I know I have to start adding some speed. I feel like I can now, since I am feeling much more conditioned. I am still not sure about those tempo runs though. I think I will try those out next week. I did start to feel my knees a little today and it made me realize how blessed I have been to not have to deal with knee problems like so many other runners do. I am so grateful that I have a body that is healthy enough to be able to run and to have the stamina to endure it. It is a huge blessing and I think I take it for granted way too often. Even though my lungs sometimes sting from the pain, I am so blessed to have lungs that are able to withstand the strain they are put through. It is a blessing that not everyone has. I realize it is an enormous gift just to be able to run even a mile. I thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me the privilege of experiencing the amazing and marvelous things these bodies of ours can do. What a gift! Each breathe we inhale is a gift! Each step we take is a gift! I feel so extremely blessed to be able to get up each day and make the choice --in my mind-- if I am going to run or not. I know many people who don't have that blessing. Their body decides for them if they are going to even get out of bed each day or not. My life truly is a wonderful life! Total Distance: 4.57 miles.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is it really Spring?

Once again, the temperature almost kept me from training today. It was only 25 degrees and windy! I am so ready for spring! The REAL thing...not all this nasty teasing! I waited until it warmed up to 35 degrees and headed out. It was really nice when the wind wasn't blowing. I even had to shed my jacket. I started on the mountain even though my glutes and quads were still punishing me for Saturday's run. I thought maybe the hills would loosen things up a bit and they did. Once I got going, I didn't even feel the soreness much. I headed on my cemetery route today. It's not my favorite one simply because it is so much uphill. The first mile or two, I wanted to stop and walk, but I just kept telling myself once I get through the first hard ones, then it will be easy. Thankfully I listened to myself because I was right. Once that second mile was under my belt, I was able to run almost effortlessly. Notice the ALMOST. One day I hope I can delete that word totally! The only time I stopped was at Tyson's grave. I was rushed out of there pretty fast though because a large group of cars came for a burial right by where I was. I walked for about 1/4 of a mile and then started running again. The rest of the way home wasn't as much uphill, but still enough for me feel it. I was very surprised that I didn't struggle more today. I think giving myself two days to recover was a good idea. Total Distance: 5.50 miles