Monday, March 31, 2008


I didn't go to my weights class this morning or do any other cross training because every single muscle I have is still angry at me for torturing them all on Saturday. I decided it was best to let them cool off some and recover!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yippee!!! I did NINE miles!

Wow I am excited! I ran nine miles today!!! It was actually 8.72 according to Google Earth, but close enough for me! The best thing is, I could have gone farther. It was a great run. I can't always say that, especially THIS week, and so that makes it all the more rewarding. In some ways I feel silly for getting so excited over nine miles when I know so many runners who think that is just a drop in the bucket, but for me it is HUGE! Considering I haven't even been running a year yet, and the fact that it is not something I ever had a desire to do, and how hard it was for me at first, I am feeling pretty PUMPED! Woo-hoo....go me! However when I do the math and realize I still have to add 4.2 or so miles onto that distance to even cross the finish line, it brings me back down to earth. But today I know I can do it. Days like this are why I love running! (Did I really say that?)

The weather conditions weren't exactly optimal for a long run...or even for a short one! I went with Jen my Saturday running partner who makes it possible for me to actually survive these long runs! We left about 9:15 a.m. and it was snowing when we left. It wasn't too bad, but before we had even gone a mile, it started pelting our faces with hard ice balls...not exactly hail (although it did that eventually too) but smaller and more painful when they hit your face. It was only bad when we were running head on into it. It rained a bit and the wind blew and it was pretty much a meteorologist's dream out there today. The temperature was about 32 degrees. We ran past several soccer games and got the looks like we were insane to be out there in this. However we were only told twice, although I was thinking it myself. I was just grateful I was moving and not having to sit there freezing to death watching a soccer game! (Thanks McKay for not wanting to play this year!)

I did struggle as I always do with my lungs and legs at the beginning of the run, but it went away and I really started to feel in the groove towards the end. Jen and I parted when we were on about mile 7 1/2 since she had to go 16 today. Can I just say how sorry I felt for her! Poor girl! AMAZING GIRL! After I took off, I almost went back and found her because I was feeling so good and knew I could go the full ten she would do before she looped back by my house, instead of just the eight. But then I decided I didn't want to over-stress my body and to just do the eight. When I checked the route on Google Earth it ended up being almost nine.

I wish I knew what the difference was between one run and another as far as how I feel. That's what this blog is hopefully going to help me discover. I don't normally eat before I run because that usually makes it harder for me, but today since I knew it was going to be a long run, I had a half piece of wheat bread and a half a yogurt smoothie...and even though I shouldn't admit to this, I also had a half a brownie! BAD GIRL I know, but mmm....sooo good! I immediately ate oatmeal with 2% milk when I returned (and NO brownie!) GOOD GIRL! I know I should have eaten more protein but I just didn't want any. I think my nutrition is where I need to focus this week. I do think it makes a huge difference in my energy and stamina. Now, off to find the rest of that brownie!!! Total distance: 8.72 miles!!!
Where I run...
Where I wish I ran...

Friday, March 28, 2008

No excuses today!

Today I was determined that nothing was going to stop me from getting in my run. Even MYSELF! My determination lessened somewhat when I went to the gym this morning and the outside temperature was 26 blasted degrees!...brrrrrr! Not again! It is not nice for Mother Nature to tease us with 60 degrees temps here and there and then blast us back to the 20's! She is a big mean tease. I decided to wait a while for it to warm up some and every time that I was ready to head out, the phone would ring or I would have some other distraction. Just as I was getting ready to leave, my son Bryce text me and said he and his buds were coming to our house for lunch. They do that quite frequently without much warning, but I don't mind. Actually I quite enjoy it. BUT NOT TODAY! I HAD an agenda and I was determined! I told him I was not going to be there and so they could eat the leftover enchiladas in the fridge or whatever else they could find. What a bad mom I know! I would have been more willing to stay and cook, had I had a bit more warning and had already showered. But noooo...... So - off I went. I started on the mountain and could already feel it in my hamstrings from all those lunges Holly put us through this morning. I walked about a half mile then came down and went on the streets. After a phone call (I really need to NOT answer my phone when I am out there!) I started to jog. The temperature was now about 42 or so and felt perfect. A hunting dog stayed with me for about a mile and a half then got enchanted with the elementary school kids who were out on break. I went to the farm and saw the ducks and bunnies, but the horses were clear across the field and didn't make any effort to come and say hi to me, so I just kept going. The last half of my run, I felt really good. It was pretty effortless. That is the feeling I am always hoping for, but rarely experience. There was some guy on a bike that kept popping up it seemed whenever I turned another corner. He was riding really slowly and I was getting a little nervous, so I started walking to let him get way ahead. I also got on my phone to send him the message that I was protected! Hmm....not sure how much protection a cell phone is unless I have 911 on speed dial....WHICH I DO! So I felt safe after that. It was a good run/walk. Hopefully I will have some energy left for tomorrows big run. Not looking forward to it! This week I have had kind of a bad attitude towards running, have you noticed? Total distance 5 miles

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Excuses, excuses...

Yeah, well today I was planning on that great run. Last night my body was actually craving to run. Can't say THAT very often, but it was. I was so ready to go this morning until I looked outside and it had snowed! WHAT? I thought it was spring already! Two inches or more of that white stuff on the ground does not give me much hope in a new season that supposedly officially arrived LAST week! I was still going to buck it up and go since I know I can't lose precious training time, but when the phone rang and it was my Mom telling me they were coming up, I was actually relieved that meant I didn't have to go! Bad girl I know! I just told myself I would go in the afternoon when it was warmer, even though that meant taking another shower. It really never warmed up much. It was 30 degrees this morning and I think the high ended up to be 40 or so. I remember when that temperature used to seem mild and warm! Not anymore! After doing all the carpooing and running kids around, I decided I better hit the streets. I didn't feel much like running...afternoons are not my prime time. I do better in the mornings or evenings. So I called my friend Julie who was my walking partner before I took up running and asked her if she wanted to go on a walk. She wasn't really feeling well but consented to go. We walked at our usual fast pace and it was a nice sunny day although the wind chill made it pretty cold in spots. When I got back, I felt totally depleted of energy and weak. That is not normal for me even in the afternoon. I can tell I need to do better on the nutrition! Tonight as I was reading some blogs, I came across the picture on my sidebar (I added it at the bottom of this post as well). I loved what it said because it is SO very true! There is really something that changes you when you are able to finish...whether it be a race, a training run, a walk, cross training, or any kind of a workout. Just knowing you finished provides such a great feeling of accomplishment and really does change you inside. I didn't feel that way today, because not only did I not finish...I didn't even start. But as Scarlett O'Hara said,
"Tomorrow is another day!"
Thank Heaven for tomorrows. Okay, I know, I DID walk for five miles, but I still feel like I was a slacker for not following my running plan. Total distance: 5 miles

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cross Training Mountain Style...

I didn't make it to the gym this morning for my weights class. I was up past midnight last night and my body just didn't think it sounded like fun to get up at 5:30 a.m. So I decided to do cross training on the mountain. It is very convenient that it is almost right out my front door. The temp was 48 degrees and it was overcast when I left. I could feel the muscles in my calves and quads as I hiked up the steep incline. Once I got on the first bench it was pretty even and so I started to jog. It was hard to keep my footing because of all the rocks. I was hoping it was smoother on the second bench and it was. I was able to run much better up there. I heard - but didn't see- a lot of wildlife. I am assuming it was mostly deer. Mainly because of the inordinate amount of droppings I saw on the trail! I could hear them in the trees and by the time I got to where the noise was, they had vanished. I kept running until I got to the waterfall. I crossed the little stream on the rock path some one had made years ago. When I got to the other side, I stopped and sat and meditated for a bit. What a view of the city from up there. It was so peaceful up there all alone. I only saw one other runner and a guy on a motorcycle. I love going up there, but I know I am limited as to how frequently I can because of the seasons. I refuse to go up there alone in the summer because of the rattlesnakes. I fear if I saw one that I would have a heart attack and die on the spot. I am not worried about dying from the bite, just from my fear! I am taking advantage of the cool temperatures right now, hoping they are still hibernating. It was a great day, but not much of a workout. I am planning on a really good run tomorrow. Total distance:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This morning I set out around 8:15 a.m. in the rain. It was 48 degrees and I was so happy to be back in the warmer temperatures that the rain didn't even phase me. I was just so excited it was above 30 degrees! It was mostly just sprinkling anyway. The run didn't begin as an enjoyable event. It was pure torture at first and I wanted to quit with every step! My lungs felt so heavy and my legs felt like they were barely coming off pavement. I was hoping being back at my normal altitude would make it easy, but nope! I pushed it and was determined that I was not going to slow down and walk. My shoe came untied and I had to stop to tie it (oh I was so grateful for that little gift!) but once I stopped, it became a matter of mental anguish to start up again. But start up again I did. After about another mile, I was feeling a little bit more in the groove and not in such a fight with myself wanting to quit. It started to rain a little harder and so I just cranked up my music and enjoyed being able to be outside without freezing to death. I ran to the cemetery to say hi to Tyson and I did stop and take a break while there. I found a letter that was left on his grave from one of his friends and so I took the time to read what she had so thoughtfully wrote. I probably should have left that for AFTER my run because it was a little hard to feel much like running after that emotional hit. Luckily there were several ground workers nearby and since I didn't really want to hang around with an audience, that motivated me to get moving on. I walked about a half a mile before I actually picked up the pace again. It stopped raining and I started running. When I was about a half mile from my home, I stopped at my sister-in-laws for what I planned on being a quick stop but I lingered longer than I should have because once I hit the road again, my muscles were NOT cooperating. They informed me they were done for the day and to not push them. But I didn't listen and ran the rest of the way home...not smart! Total distance: 5:66 miles

Monday, March 24, 2008

MOOSE TRACKS...and I don't mean the Ice Cream!

We went out of town for spring break and so my training really suffered! Mainly because we headed to Wyoming to my in-laws cabin which is in Alpine (about 40 miles from Jackson Hole). The temperature wasn't exactly warm and balmy! BUT I still managed to get out and run twice. I ran on Friday morning and it wasn't too bad. I am not used to running in the mountains and the altitude change did make a difference. It was much harder! I wanted to run up the Grey's River road because it is so beautiful and only about a 1/2 mile from the cabin. I started out about 8:30 a.m. I only had pavement for about a half mile and then was running on a snow packed dirt road. It wasn't too bad at first because I was on the snowmobile tracks, but it was very un-even and it wasn't all packed equally. I was afraid I was going to twist an ankle. I decided to walk for a bit and then finish on the paved road. Three groups of snowmobilers passed me and another runner with his dog. The temperature was 32 degrees and really nice until I started back. The wind began to really blow and I could feel the wind chill cutting through my gloves and head band. It was cold! I felt like I had frost bite on my finger tips when I got back inside. Brrrr....... I think I only ran a total of 3 miles.

Today I left at 7:45 a.m. with the temperature at 28 degrees. The wind wasn't blowing

at all and so I wasn't too concerned. For some reason 28 degrees up here feels much colder than 28 degrees at home. I wanted to try the Grey's River road again in case the snow pack was better. It was. I was glad because it is so beautiful up that road. I was all alone today. I didn't see a single person or snowmobiler. It was a peaceful, quiet, beautiful morning. The sun hadn't come out yet, but it was still light, though very overcast. As I first started up the road I noticed some tracks off to the side. At first I thought they were dog tracks, but upon further inspection I could tell they were not. I was a little uneasy because they had a big pad and then what appeared to be several claws. It IS bear country, but since I knew they were in hibernation, I was wondering if they were from a mountain lion. I had seen a mountain lion on that very road a couple of years ago while snowmobiling, so I knew it was a possibility. They weren't fresh
and so I didn't worry too much. I kept running and was grateful it was easier than Friday due to the sturdier snow pack. It had iced up some and made it much easier to get my footing. On my way back I noticed some more tracks...moose tracks. I know what those look like and I was positive that was what they were. Not a big deal really since there are a lot of moose up here, just a little un-nerving because they were fresh! And they were NOT there on my up. All I could think of was what a stupid thing to go running ALONE in the WILD in the early morning, with not another soul around within earshot! I am sure that moose was very close nearby. He was probably watching me and thinking what an idiot I was too! After spotting those, tracks, I ran MUCH faster than I thought possible in those conditions and was so relieved when I could see the paved road and cabins! I am so grateful I didn't run into him! Once I got onto pavement I continued my run through the roads that weren't snow packed. The longer I ran, the easier it became to adjust to the altitude. But my fingers were bitter cold and nearly numb. I should have worn better gloves. Total distance about 4.5 miles.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tried to worm my way out of it....

This morning when I got up to go running it was only 38 degrees. I thought that sounded cold and then I realized what a wimp I am becoming. 38 used to be a heat wave! I bucked up and went out. We are leaving to go out of town this weekend and so I don't know what will happen to my training while gone. Especially since we are heading north! Crazy I know! Who heads for colder temperatures during spring break? Yesterday was beautiful and almost 60 degrees but my schedule was too crazy to squeeze in a run. That would have been a great day to run.

I left this morning about 7:45 or so. The streets were wet and it was really overcast because it had rained all night. When I got down at the end of my street it sounded like a flippin' concert. Only it wasn't coming from some one's stereo. It was the birds! I had never heard so many birds, so loud, singing all at the same time as if they were competing for some American Idol trophy. It wasn't exactly a pleasant sound, but more like a cacophony of off key musicians. But it did remind me just the fact I was hearing birds meant spring is here! Well, at least on it's way! A few steps down the road I realized why they were so noisy. The street was covered with night crawlers! At first I just thought they were just twigs and sticks until I almost stepped on a great big HUGE juicy one! Ugh! I started running in a zig zag pattern to miss them all. I gave up on that after a while because I am sure I looked totally ridiculous and besides there were just too many of them. I did however avoid those big juicy ones no matter how silly I looked! Yuck! It was overcast and really humid, but I did okay. I decided to take my route past the farm and see the animals again. About a half block before I got there, I saw a large duck walking in some people's yard, just quaking away. Maybe he was on a night crawler hunt too. I honestly think he was lost. SO being the good samaritan that I am, I quacked back and told him to follow me. He DID! He was just quacking all the way to the farm. Does this mean I am a duck whisperer too? I got him back to his family and he was most grateful...I could tell because he hung around me for a bit while I watched the bunnies. After I left the farm I decided to speed walk because of how hard my recovery was yesterday after taking a break. I really enjoyed the speed walk. I think my body was made to do that instead of run! I was cruisin' and it felt really good. I could tell I was working totally different muscles. I did that for about a mile or a mile and a half and then went back to running. It was a great run. I feel good and no pain really. When I got back it started to really hail! Whew! Glad I missed that! I really do need to start taking my camera on these runs. I could have so many great shots! Total distance: 5 miles

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If I could talk to the animals...

I really was planning on getting out early this morning for my run. But it was pretty chilly and I had enough to do to pass the time while it warmed up, sooooo I didn't leave until 11:47! BUT, it was a nice balmy 51 degrees. I actually don't believe it because it felt more like 30! The wind was blowing and that made it a little chilly. When I started out I didn't think it was going to be a good run. The first half mile my lungs felt like I was running through a thick cloud and the knees were not real happy with me for making them do that running thing either. But I kept going and eventually I started to feel much better. My only mistake was stopping to talk to the horses. I took about a 10 minute break with them...and with a couple bunnies and ducks. There is a farm I like to run by once in a while, and today all the animals were very friendly. Animals do something to me. They just have a way of cheering me up and lifting my soul. I love all animals...well except for SNAKES! If I ever see one of them on a run, I will break a new record of speed, not to mention sound! When I started to run again - after playing Dr. Doolittle - I did not do so well. I wanted to stop with each and every step. It was a struggle. Every step felt like I was running through molasses. I kept pushing it, and eventually I was feeling strong again. I am sure stopping for that long, is not part of a good training plan. At least physically. But the mental benefits of the animals have to count for something! Having my IPOD battery die right as I walked out my front door didn't help things either! I am so used to the music helping me through the hard spots, that it was an adjustment without it today. I finished the run feeling good with the exception of my shoulder injury really causing some pain. Oh, I also saw a cute black and white bunny by one of the elementary schools I run by. He was so cute, but very shy. Total distance: 5.01 miles

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cross Training

No run today. I did cross training at the gym in my body sculpt class. One hour.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Foggy Run

I went running with Jen this morning at 7:30 a.m. It had snowed last night and so the temp was only 30 degrees. The streets were really slick and both of us almost biffed it a couple of times! It was an awesome time to be out though because we were running in the fog for the last couple of miles. The only drawback to that was the fact that the heavy air made it a little tough on the lungs. I actually survived the full SEVEN miles! Woo-hoo for me! The route was a good one and it is so much more fun to have a running buddy. My hip flexors were hurting the last mile, but by then my lungs were starting to feel better until we hit the fog. I came in and made oatmeal and enjoyed every tiny oat! Yum! Great run overall. Total distance: 7.oo miles Total time: 1 hour 12 minutes

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Great Run

When I looked outside this morning and saw it raining, I almost backed out. But I knew I wouldn't be able to squeeze my run in later in the day and so I sucked it up, put on my hat and went out. I left at 8:20 a.m. It was 40 degrees and raining steadily. It wasn't pelting this time and so that was a bonus. I started on the mountain today and then ran on the streets. I felt good today and had no desire to stop and rest like yesterday or the day before. I was able to keep pushing it the entire run. I only stopped once at the cemetery to say hi to Tyson and then was able to continue all the way home without a single break. I finished at 9:25 a.m. It was so nice to not have to fight my lungs today. I wasn't feeling much pain in my legs, just a slight bit in the knees, but that is normal. Now let's hope I can feel this great on Saturday for the long run with Jen. I won't be able to run tomorrow because of my schedule, but hopefully by Saturday I will be able to pump it up again. It had stopped raining by the time I finished. I loved running in this rain. It made it fun. I did notice some interesting things in the gutters on my run today. I wish I would have had a paper and pen to record them all. I am going to do that one of these days. I started taking mental notes about three blocks from my house. This is what I saw in just that distance (that I can remember!):

  • Mt. Dew plastic bottle (3)

  • Candy bar wrappers (8)

  • Empty cigarette packs (at least 10!)

  • Cigarette butts (lost count at about 50)

  • Empty condom wrapper (2)

  • Empty condom box - a very large box (1)

  • Reciept (1)

  • Glove (1)

  • Sock (1)

  • Dog poop (a lot!)

  • Wendy's sack - obviously full of food with 4 seagulls devouring it (1)

  • Energy bar wrapper (1)

  • Pop cans (7)

  • Empty water bottles (4)

  • Empty gum box (2)

  • Air soft gun pellets (about 20)

  • My husband (okay he wasn't in the gutter, just driving to work ☺)

No money today. I almost always find a least a coin or two. It's amazing how much trash is on the streets when you notice it. Total distance: 5.42 miles

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easy day

I went to the gym and did my strength training class this morning. Then I went on my run at my normal time, about 8:15. It was a little overcast and really humid. Even if I can't tell by feeling the air, I can tell when I get back and look in the mirror at my hair! Boof! The temp when I left was 34 degrees. It wasn't bad. Today I did half running and half walking. Or at least close to that. I am glad it was my day to do that because I would have had to anyway since I wasn't feeling real strong. I finished up on the mountain. The waterfall was cascading down and creating a really calming sound. I followed a buck deer for about a quarter of a mile and then I sat on my meditation log and just soaked in the peace and quiet. It was a great way to end my workout. Total distance: 5.31 miles

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rough Run

Today I was planning on running early but didn't make it out until about 10:30. I don't like to eat before I run or drink a lot because it makes it harder for me. Today's run was not an easy one. I was struggling with my lung capacity and I didn't have the stamina I normally do and had to stop and walk more than I have in a long time. I am sure it was the fact that I went late and had no fuel or fluid to help sustain me. I can do that easily if I go early enough before my body decides it needs more energy. That's why this log is good because it will help me see the patterns I hope. I have also been under a lot of stress and pressure and I am sure that contributes some as well. I didn't feel refreshed when I finished either. That is one of the reasons why I like to run, just for that great feeling I get after. I haven't had the energy level all day that I usually get when I run either. If I am going to go out later then I think I need to make sure I have re-fueled first. I do have to say it was a beautiful day though. The temperature when I left was 43. That is the warmest it's been on my runs for months. It was perfect and I even needed my shades! I started by walking on the mountain first to get a good conditioning on my legs. It is really giving me spring fever being up there! Hurry spring!!! Total distance: 5:15 miles

Monday, March 10, 2008

Just Cross Training

No run today. Just cross-training. I went to my strength training class at the gym this morning. I think my body will be glad after the long run on Saturday.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rain - Rain - Go Away!

Rain, rain, go away! I got up early this morning to run with Jen. I wasn't even planning to make it out this morning because we had to be to a family event pretty early. BUT...Jen really didn't want to run alone and so I suggested we go early and she was game. When my alarm went off, it was raining. It didn't really look too bad and so I took off and picked her up. She had scouted out a new route and I didn't really notice it was nearly all uphill until she informed me. I would have been happier not knowing. In our city, it's almost impossible to run without a lot of uphill. A lot of the route seemed pretty even, but even that slight incline when running, takes its toll. The rain was pelting pretty hard in our faces and it started to turn to ice rain. Stings the nose and bites the toes was going through my mind...but we persisted. We were dripping and it wasn't just sweat. I did okay. The only part I really struggled with was the big hill (there was NO doubt that was UP) and when we were almost towards the end. I thought we were almost done, but we had to go around the park one more time to make it an even 6 and 1/2 miles, and that's when my body was saying ENOUGH already! But, I survived and even felt great after. Jen went on to do the route one more time so she could get in her 13 mile long run for the day. Poor girl! That's why I am training for a HALF marathon and she is training for the whole thing. I was just proud of myself for enduring the 6 and 1/2 miles! We passed a trio of friends that are training for the Grand Slam, but there wasn't too many other crazies out besides that. I felt good the rest of the day with the exception of a pretty sore derriere! I think next time we need to wear one of those dorky umbrella hats! Total distance: 6.70 miles

Monday, March 3, 2008


Welcome to my RUNNING BLOG! And thanks for visiting! This blog is mainly for me to track my running and to provide a separate place to just do the "run" thing. I am a fairly new beginner to running. I took it up in June - just nine months ago. No one is more surprised than I, that I am a runner now. Funny thing is, I honestly don't feel like a REAL runner. More like someone still pretending to be one. I don't know if I will ever feel like the real thing. Maybe I have to run a marathon first! Running is not something I have ever enjoyed. To me it was only a way to get from one place to another quickly! Or as my hub would say, "Why would anyone run unless they were being chased?" I was in the same frame of mind until a few of my good friends encouraged me to start. Even then, I didn't ever think it was something I would end up doing frequently. But I have been running now for nine months (more like seven and a half since I didn't really get out much in Jan. or Feb.) and it has now become something I actually WANT to do.

When my friend Jen, ran her first marathon last May, I was so impressed with her, yet in the back of my mind I honestly thought she was nuts! I just couldn't understand why anyone would want to put their body through that kind of torture on purpose! But when my friend Audrey started to run and confessed how hard it was for her as well, it really made me think I could do it too, especially since she is even older than I am! ;) She said when she first started she would just set a goal that she would run just to that tree or to that stop sign. So when I was out on my walks, I decided to do the same thing. And before I knew it I was able to run a mile without too much pain. I just kept building on that. It was almost as if once I got started, I felt like it was a hidden talent I never knew I had. By that I am not saying that I am good at it in anyway, just that it is certainly not something I would have ever thought "I" would ever be doing. It has helped to have such great and supportive friends who encourage and motivate me to keep going.

I think one of the real reasons I started to do races is because those who registered for the Mantua Dam race got a t-shirt that said: I SURVIVED THE DAM RACE! I really wanted one of those shirts! That was my total motivation! I wanted to wear it around town and at girl's camp. That is really why I signed up for that one. I honestly planned on walking most of it, but ended up running the entire (4.7 mile) route without stopping once! I totally surprised myself and I have had the bug ever since! And I do love that shirt!

Jen is running the Ogden Marathon again this year but is doing it alone and so she challenged me to run in it with her but with a team relay. I thought that sounded like fun (a year ago I'd never thought I'd EVER hear myself say THAT!) and so I have been thinking about challenging myself to run a half marathon as my part of the relay. I know I am not even close to being ready to do the whole marathon. Maybe someday, but not this year. I am not sure I can even survive a half! Everyone seems to have more faith in me than I do myself. I am grateful for that and I guess that is what keeps me motivated. I am still not totally committed to doing the half marathon yet, but I do like to have a challenging goal to strive towards. So we'll see. And to those of you who suffer through reading about my running life, PLEASE feel free to comment! Or if you are a fellow runner, don't hesitate to offer me some tips and hints! I can always use those!!! Happy Running!

This was my first race. It was a lot of fun! We had a great group of fellow runners and walkers. Don't let the photo on the top left fool you! Dave and Kim are making it look like they ran it too... hmm... they actually walked. But it looks good on the photo! There is no way those two could have ran. They both have bad knees...unfortunately! But we were proud of them for walking it and mostly for their moral support! I will have to post a photo of my t-shirt! Because not everyone...oh no- not even!...survives the DAM race!!! hee-hee ( CLICK on the photos to enlarge)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blog Published Into A Book

You may be reading this on my blog or in my book that was my blog, but either way I just wanted to post a little summation of the book and explain that there is a lot of my running experiences and many MANY races that are not here.  I took a bit of a hiatus for a few years and sadly many of my races were not recorded via my blog. But I didn't want that to keep me from printing what I did have published and so I am going with it as it is.


And so in order to get this done, it has to be imperfect!  It is what it is and I am just grateful I have what I do.  There is a lot missing, but at least I have what I do have.

Here are a few things from my sidebar:

Why a Running Blog?

The reason I started this blog was to help me keep track of my progress (or lack thereof!) in this new found adventure of mine called running! This is my daily training log and a place where I can track my mileage, times, races, etc. I am hoping that just keeping this up to date will inspire me to improve and continually reach for higher goals. If you actually take the time to read this, I would be grateful for any tips or advice you feel inspired to share with me. I am a novice and have a lot to learn and would love any knowledge that you have already gained. Share away!

Why do I run?

That is a really good question. Actually, I don't even like to least most of the time. Sometimes I feel like my body is in a big fight. My lungs, heart, or legs often cry out in protest and beg me to stop while in the process. So why do it then? For the simple fact that there are those days when running feels easy and effortless. Then I know why I run. I run because I can. And since I can I should. Tomorrow I might not be able to. I run because I really like the way I feel AFTER I have run. It 's amazing that my lungs and legs can actually feel better after pushing them to their limit. My body feels great! I feel like I have really accomplished something because it was such a challenge to keep going when I wanted to quit. I love the feeling of achieving something that I couldn't imagine doing even just one year ago. I love the sense of accomplishment of making it to the end. If that's not enough, here are 10 more reasons:

My Top 10 Reasons:
*I have another reason to shop for shoes.
*It gives me an excuse to get outside and enjoy nature.
*I have more energy all day.
*I simply feel good.
*I can now say, "I'm a runner"
*I am no longer a spectator at races, but a participant...a really great feeling!
*It motivates me to eat healthier.
*I get to talk to dogs and sometimes even horses on my runs. (sounds like I'm a horse whisperer!)
*I have a clearer mind.
*I get a stronger heart and lungs...not to mention great☺