Monday, August 11, 2008


As usual life has been crazy! I spent four days last week at girl's camp and so my training once again has suffered! I am pretty sure I am not doing the full marathon in September unless some kind of miracle happens and I am able to get up to 20 miles in the next few weeks! UGH! I AM doing the half in two weeks though. I DO feel like I am prepared enough for that one. It is the Top of Utah and that is the same course as the full....only half. I think I will see how it goes and then make my final decision after. I am not sure if ANYBODY has ever been so wishy-washy about doing a marathon as I am. I guess in the back of my mind I think that I can decide based upon how I feel a month before. Not a good plan I know! I REALLY wanted to do it, but summer has proved to be a tough time to train with it being so busy and so many interruptions in my training schedule. The heat doesn't help much either, but then if it was winter I would be complaining about the cold! Go figure! I am okay with not doing it and putting my energy into training for the Ogden Marathon in May. My main worries are what if I can't do it in May because of an injury or some other crazy thing! I know that is crazy to even think that, but I feel pressured into doing it now while I am injury free. However, if I do it and am not really ready for it then I risk injuring myself while running it. So, logically I should NOT even consider doing it at this point, but my heart doesn't want to miss the opportunity in case it is the only one I get. Kinda silly I KNOW, but that's how I am thinking right now.

I ran five miles on Monday last week before girl's camp and did a five mile hike at camp that was a killer, but was good cross training! I wanted do my long run on Saturday but I got out too late and it was 400 degrees by mile six and so I ended it at that. I also ran five today. I am planning on doing my long run either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Total distance:
Monday 5 miles
Thursday 5 mile hike
Saturday 6 miles

Monday 5 miles


The Hoyt's said...

I can understand how your feeling.. I probably would be the same way... Just listen to your body and there's no hurry to make up your mind.. I would wait until after the half to see what you think... Good luck with everything.. Wish I could do it with ya..

Anonymous said...

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