Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Part of the BEST OF THE BLOGS on Title Nine!

Title Nine Sports, a great company that sells amazing athletic clothes for women, requested to publish part of my running blog on their Best Of the Blogs webpage! I was really honored that they would even ask! Jen is on it too! You can check it out HERE. Or you can go directly to my page HERE.

I think I am excited mainly because I am hoping it will generate more traffic here from other runners that can inspire ME! I am needing some of that inspiration right now! I am having some heavy decisions to make concerning the marathon in September in the next day or two. I am afraid the decision has already been made due to my lack of hard training this summer. I realize now that summer is a hard time to train for a biggy. Life gets so busy and so crazy this time of year, that I have found my training has taken a back seat to everything else! Not good, when time is of the essence! I have decided to run the Top of Utah half marathon on August 23rd. But as far as the's not looking good!

Please feel completely free to leave your comments and any advice or just inspiration you can share! I love meeting new people this way!!!

Thanks again Title Nine! Be sure and check them out HERE.


Mel said...

Congratulatins... that is really cool!

I'm just getting into this running thing and I have a lot of questions so I've been scouring running blogs.

I've thought about running the TOU 1/2 also. I did my first 10 miler this week but I've been increasing my mileage really fast so I should probably slow it down. Would you recommend holding off until next spring to do my first 1/2 or is it possible to pull it off in the next month?

Mel said...

OOPS typo! "Congratulations" is what I meant to say.

Kirby said...

Congrats! That is awesome!

Jodi said...

Mel, I think you could easily do the half! Especially since you already made it to the double digits! I know you could do it! You are doing amazing!

As far as increasing your mileage the recommended rate is usually to increase by 10% a week if training for a half or full. The farthest I ran before my half was 10 miles. Get signed up and maybe we can ride the bus up together!

You go girl!!!! Woo-hoo!