Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

It has been a while since I posted. I think I am finally over my sickness. It really lingered on and just when I thought I was better, it would smack me down again. I went to a boy's camp as a camp mom last week. We were at Sundance up in the mountains and the altitude was pretty high. I was still not feeling all that great, in fact I ended up with food poisoning one night and was really sick! But I was able to handle one run while there and I am not sure if it was the altitude or trying to recover from the food poisoning (which totally dehydrated me if you know what I mean!) or the chest cold thing I was fighting, but it was REALLY tough to breath! AND it was UPHILL almost the entire way until I decided to turn around. I ran past Robert Redford's house but wasn't lucky enough to see him out jogging. The morning I really felt like running up there, I chickened out because it was really cold! Like in the 20's! So last week was pretty much a wash AGAIN as far as training goes. I did run a couple of days before we left, but nothing significant.

Here are some shots from my run at Sundance. This is Mt. Timpanogos

It was gorgeous up there!

This is the gate to Robert Redford's home.

These were posted all over around where he lives.

This is me (the rebel) running on private property! And I didn't even get prosecuted!

Yesterday I ran three miles. I would have gone farther but I had a hair appointment that I had to hurry and get home for. It was a great run though. I ran up every hill without stopping once. Even the last three killer ones. I think there is something mental going on when I know I only have to go three miles that makes it easier.

Today I went six and a half miles. I was determined to get in six and so I am glad I went a little more. That will make up for the time I spent at the farm. The little old farmer was there today and so we chatted a bit. He asked if I wanted three fresh chicken eggs. I had to decline since I was running and knew they would be scrambled eggs if I took them! Actually maybe I should have because it was so hot today that they would have been cooked scrambled eggs and probably done just in time to eat when I got home! I need to start going out earlier because it is getting pretty hot now. I watched some bunnies and talked to the horses for a bit too. That always brightens my runs! I didn't feel any effects of my sickness in my lungs at all and for the first time in a LONG time I had energy. Hopefully it has passed now and I can get on with my REAL training!
Total distance yesterday: 3 miles
Total distance today: 6.57 miles


The Hoyt's said...

oh no fun having food poisoning... Hey wait...... Didnt you say the men and boys were doing all the cooking??? LOL Did anyone else get it... How miserable to be camping and get it.. The picts were really pretty..