Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Running Against the Wind...

...and RAIN and SNOW and COLD! Basically MOTHER NATURE in general!

I know I shouldn't complain, and honestly I usually don't, BUT really.... here it is May, (yes MAY!) and I am still wearing my winter clothes to run in. I have actually put them away about six different times so far as Mother Nature and all her bipolar-ness has teased me time and time again with a warm day here and there. Which, of course, gets my hopes up thinking SPRING really is coming only to have them dashed (once again) by 30 degree temps and more snow, hail, or freezing rain. I think she needs some serious meds to help her control her vicious mood swings. I'll be speaking to the doc about that.

It really takes the fun out of running when you keep getting teased like that. Once I have run in warm sun and shorts (even once), it's ten times harder to even want to step out the door if it's not even above 35°! I guess that's why it's good I am in training for something because then I have no choice really. I don't own a treadmill (aka dreadmill to me) because part of the reason I love to run is being outdoors. I can handle winter weather WHEN IT IS WINTER, but not when it is SUPPOSED to be spring! Okay my venting is done... mostly at least.

Since I wrote about last week's not so fun long run, I felt like I needed to write about this week's because it went much better... even though this isn't my running blog.

As I took off, I wasn't sure what kind of mileage I would get. 11 miles was my goal, but I wasn't feeling too great when I left and so I just told myself I would get in as many as I could. In my head I was thinking even five would suffice. The first two miles weren't too bad, but then the wind became out of control and I was fighting every single step. It felt like I wasn't even moving foward even though I kept stepping. It wasn't always a head wind, but even from the side it was very difficult to press on. I don't think I have experienced wind like that before.

As I inched my way forward, I started to feel sick. By this time I was out in the boonies with the cows and horses and they didn't seem too interested in my dilemma so I just kept pressing forward. The wind was becoming almost too much to fight against. My ears were starting to really ache from the force of it and when it became too painful I turned around against it and jogged backwards. I had removed my outer jacket earlier and tied it around my waist, but I soon found a better use for it. ↓

This helped my earache immensely. And I didn't care what I looked like because I was on a barren road. I didn't think much of it until I ran past a horse and a cow and they just starred at me. Normally they just ignore me. The horse looked spooked! He just starred... and then started to back up. When I came right up to the fence near him, he jumped up, and then back, and took off very fast while keeping his eyes on me. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. He looked like he had seen a ghost!

I am definitely NOT a horse whisperer...a ghost whisperer maybe.

Or maybe the Running Nun?

I finally gave in to my stomach and tried to walk it off. I knew there was a bathroom and a water fountain about a mile away, so I kept going until I arrived. After that pit stop, I felt much better and set off again with a new wind...literally. It had really eased up.

I did make it my 11 miles and the last mile was the complete opposite of last weeks. The song "I'm Alive" by Celine Deon came on my Ipod and so I cranked it up really loud. This song is my first choice for getting me through the worst pain or slump in running. It works every time. It is my favorite song to run to when I am nearing the finish line in my races. It gives me some kind of magical power to forget all the pain and aches and just sail through. My last mile is all uphill, including a pretty hefty one and I breezed right through it (pun intended). I was hurting, but nothing like last week. In fact, I was sure I could have kept going if I needed to.

The best part was I didn't have ANY after effects. No soreness, no pain, no wanting to take a long nap. I didn't even need Advil! I felt great the rest of the day and I have ever since. I needed this good run to keep me motivated to keep training. The Ragnar countdown is on and this run gave me the confidence I am going to need to take the plunge. My time wasn't great due to the forced walking and gail force winds, but I did get the miles in and I am ready for more!

I am just happy I didn't feel like
←THIS again after!

Maybe I'll make it after all...

Wish me luck!